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Polygon Announces Winners of $25,000 in Graph Hack Awards

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Jun 9, 2022

Polygon is pleased to announce the winners of Graph Hack 2022, a three-day hackathon recently held in San Francisco. The core team joined the event as a platinum sponsor to empower Web3 development and witness the ability of developers to demonstrate the breadth of possibilities offered by a permissionless and decentralized web.

Out of the 57 teams participating in Graph Hack, 29 chose to build on Polygon. Our $25,000 in prizes went to nine of the teams split among four categories. Meet the winners:

Open Track

  • Lensed-In, a decentralized professional social network on Polygon, uses the Lens Protocol to bring job listings on-chain and encourage decentralized user profiles and user feeds.
  • PRNTS is a decentralized platform connecting indie music artists with one another, enabling reward-sharing and gaining exposure in new markets through collaboration opportunities.
  • Meetn allows users to build social relationships on-chain. The platform awards "Bean" tokens to users every time they meet their friends and colleagues and participate in certain activities, such as shaking a phone.


  • Graphiqly bundles different NFT market insights, be it tracking artists, marketplaces, or transactions, into one platform. The idea is to help users make informed decisions when it comes to putting their money into NFTs.
  • Blockhead enables users to choose which data sources power views and dashboards in a tightly integrated client-side interface for blockchains, DeFi, and Web3 protocols.


  • Swole Protocol enables decentralization of exercise data so that fitness enthusiasts can easily sell their personalized workout plans and instructions on Polygon in the form of NFTs.
  • DSTL makes images load faster and reduces data storage fees by training a unique deep neural network model to hyper-compress your NFTs and digital collectibles.

Public Goods

  • Dynamic Carbon Offset NFTs are minted when you offset your carbon footprint in advance for a certain period. Proceeds go to the contract address where they will be donated to offset projects.
  • 1Review is a fully decentralized, trustless Web3 platform where users can write reviews, provide feedback, and earn bounties for behavior that benefits Web3 projects and infrastructure.

Congratulations to the winning teams and everyone who participated in the Graph Hack 2022! The energy and excitement about what we’re all building was palpable. We can't wait to see where these projects take the Web3 space.

If you’re a Web3 developer, tune into our blog for the latest news from Team Polygon and get involved with the Polygon ecosystem.

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