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Polygon PoS in Numbers

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Oct 29, 2021
Polygon Analytics
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Part 1: Polygon PoS engagement growth

Daily active users decreased -6.01% week over week.

But the truth is Polygon usage remains near an all time high. Daily active addresses are up +116.68% in the last 28 days.

For context, Polygon PoS now has 83.14% of the active addresses relative to Ethereum. And recently , Polygon has steadily maintained higher activity. Below is a chart showcasing addresses that sent a transaction on either address.

A few weeks ago, Polygon increased the suggested minimum gas price for developers, from 1Gwei to 30Gwei.

Since, there have been two major ramifications. First is the average cost per transaction. This week, the average cost per transaction crossed the one cent mark, a full 43.17% more expensive week over week.

However, we can infer that the majority of lost transactions were from bots by looking at transactions per user. Before Polygon had an extremely elevated number of transactions per user, from a high of over 80. For context, other low fee environments such as Binance Smart Chain have closer to 5 transactions per user.

Polygon currently has 7.8.

As a consequence, overall network transactions have declined despite increasing daily active users.

Last week transactions declined 15.75% week over week, coming in at 3.3mm.

Last week saw over $412mm USD bridged into Polygon PoS ecosystem and $234mm withdrawn.

This resulted in a net increase of $188mm. More impressive are the number of unique depositors.

Last week Polygon PoS averaged 3,758 depositors a day, compared to 639 addresses that withdrew funds from the network.

In other words, depositors dwarfed withdrawers by 5.88x.

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Part 2: Polygon PoS monetization growth

Network revenues climbed tremendously last week. In $MATIC terms, revenues increased to 32k daily revenues, a 15.95% week over week improvement.

In addition, $MATIC token saw its average price appreciate from $1.27 to $1.32. This had a multiplying effect on revenues in USD terms, which grew a healthy 20.62%.

We’ve highlighted Polygon’s spectacular user growth over the last months. Equally important is the developer ecosystem.

One partner, Alchemy Platform, recently released their developer usage data showing just how popular $MATIC has become. Today over 1,200 teams use Alchemy to build on Polygon PoS, wth developers growing at a 60% rate.

Further, the majority are focusing on Polygon PoS as their primary chain to launch (60%). You can see their full report here.

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