Aave Protocol

Earn interest, borrow assets, and build applications

About Aave Protocol

Founded in 2019, Retreeb is a blockchain-based fintech that is developing a decentralized, simple, and sustainable mobile payment method.

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Polygon CDK Implementation Partners

The Polygon CDK Implementation Partner program is an initiative that seeks to leverage the expertise of trusted partners to build and power customized app chains with compliance implementation options.

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Blockgen Studio

Blockgen Studio is a technology consultancy that offers end-to-end blockchain solutions to help organizations solve complex problems using emerging technologies. With a team of cloud and blockchain experts, Blockgen Studio collaborates seamlessly with organizations in every stage of their Blockchain and DevSecOps - from ideation, strategy, design, development, and outcomes.Their focus on security and compliance is evident in their track record of delivering successful projects across various industries and verticals. With their DevSecOps approach, projects are delivered on time and on budget.Blockgen Studio has established partnerships and collaborations with leading industry players and innovative startups, adding value to their enterprise clients. They also hold several certifications and accreditations demonstrating their expertise in Cloud and Blockchain technologies.As a trusted Implementation Partner of the Polygon Supernets program, Blockgen Studio offers comprehensive blockchain solutions, including product design, token economic modeling, infrastructure provisioning, application building, hosting, 3P integration, validator node integrations, and support services.Blockgen Studio's NFT offering for Polygon Supernets is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed within 3 to 4 weeks with zero development cost. Their NFT marketplace comes with a range of features that make it easy for users to explore, mint, and transact their NFTs.The Blockgen Studio NFT marketplace also includes auction and bidding capabilities, allowing users to auction their NFTs and place bids on other NFTs. Overall, the NFT marketplace is a comprehensive solution for those looking to leverage the power of NFTs in their business.

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