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Total Prize Pool


  • Exclusive access to invite-only Polygon builder communities
  • Support from Polygon Labs’ Marketing, Business & Venture Teams
  • Receive Polygon Village Vouchers
  • Opportunity to participate in deep dives within the Polygon ecosystem.


Top 5 winners will grab a chance to showcase projects at Polygon Connect.


Application Layer Track 

Build innovative applications in the areas of NFT, Gaming, DeFi, NFTfi, or other on the Polygon zkEVM testnet.

Total Prize Pool
6 winners / $2,500 each
Tooling & Public Goods Track

Create tools and public goods utilizing Polygon zkEVM technology.

Total Prize Pool
6 winners / $2,500 each
zkEVM Tooling Track 

Develop complex tooling solutions, such as cross-chain bridges or protocols that enable seamless communication & asset transfer between Polygon zkEVM and other blockchain networks.

Total Prize Pool
2 winners / $5,000 each
Specific Problem Statements

Address one of the specific problem statements shared by the Polygon Team in Bounty Ideas (available soon to registered hackers).

Total Prize Pool
4 winners / $2,500 each


Trust Wallet

Build a scalable solution that would allow wallets to protect users from miner-extractable value (MEV) attacks targeting transactions with unset slippage (or set to 100%).

Total Prize Pool
2 winners / $5,000 each

Leverage the SettleMint full stack dApp development workflow on the Polygon network to build decentralized solutions.

Total Prize Pool
$15,000 +
$7,000 (Settlement credits)
8 winners

Build a dApp using Luniverse NOVA's multichain API, Webhook function, and node JSON-RPC on the Polygon Mumbai testnet.

1st Place : $10,000
2nd Place : $5,000
3rd Place : $3,000
Total Prize Pool
3 winners
Newman Capital

Create an innovative dApp that has potential for scalable growth and mass adoption of Web3.

Total Prize Pool
1 winner

Build a solution that utilizes NFT API endpoints.

Total Prize Pool
1 winner

Embed streaming USDC payments into your app.

Total Prize Pool
1 winner
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Are you the next DeveloperX?

Polygon Labs is excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming DevX Tour APAC Hackathon, an online virtual hackathon where developers can showcase their skills and create innovative solutions to improve the blockchain ecosystem.



April 1

Registration Open

May 1

Hackathon Begins


Final Submission Date


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