The Matic Token

$MATIC is the native token of Polygon. It is used to govern and secure the network by staking. It's the currency of Polygon apps that enables users to interact with hundreds of dApps involved in our ecosystem.

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Gas Token

$MATIC is the lifeblood of Polygon chains. When you conduct any transaction or use a Polygon application, you'll pay a small fee in $MATIC to use the Polygon chains. This fee is an incentive for miners to process and verify what you're trying to do.

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Network Security

Polygon employs a Proof-Of-Stake mechanism that uses staked Matic tokens to reach consensus on the network. By staking $MATIC, you can secure the Polygon network and earn rewards. In this system, the threat of losing your $MATIC disincentivizes attacks.

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Matic Token holders enjoy special privileges on the protocol. The tokens can be used for network participation via governance voting on Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs).

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Where to buy/sell $MATIC?

$MATIC is available on many of the leading centralized and decentralized exchanges around the world. Listed below are some of the platforms where you can acquire $MATIC:

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Polygon Scan

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Polygon Faucet

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