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The right to identity is the right to freedom

A self-sovereign private identity solution
Polygon ID is a blockchain-native identity system with programmable privacy that empowers people and enables the creation of trusted interactions with web3 services.
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What is Polygon ID?

Scalable blockchain ID with ZK-based privacy

A new class of technological solutions for a censorship resistant digital identity. Prove access rights and reputation on-chain while keeping user privacy, boost dApps, and DeFi. Open to existing standards and ecosystem development.
Privacy by default is achieved using protocols designed natively for zero-knowledge zkSNARK technology, a battle-tested cryptography, and the most efficient for proof verifications on-chain.

Guiding Principles

Polygon ID is a future-proof tech stack for self-sovereign identity


Users are in control of their identity and personal data to enable social coordination and take back power from third parties.

Private by default

The user’s identity and data are natively protected by zero-knowledge protocols.

Trust and reputation

Identity attributes can be expressed as claims which can be combined to create compound proofs.

Open and permissionless

Identities are not passive, issuance of claims from one identity to another without passing through a third party.

Complete solution and easy integration to enable new generation of applications

Universal identity

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    Scalable model for permissionless identity and low cost claims
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    Expressible claim format based on the extended Verifiable Credentials data model
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    Relayer as a L2 trustless agent to sponsor user identities claim issuance

Prove access rights, not identity

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    Circom 2.0 zero-knowledge based privacy of identity and user information
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    Unique zkProof Request Language to specify private requirements from apps
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    Onboarding developers and partners via Polygon ID toolkit and examples

Advanced on-chain verification

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    Private verification of user rights can be done from a Smart Contract
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    zkSNARKs is the protocol with the smaller proof size for optimal on-chain verification
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    The zkProof composability enables reputation models for people-powered networks

Polygon ID Architecture

An open platform where existing solutions can be deployed and new ones created
“Polygon ID is private by default, offers on-chain verification and permissionless attestation. There is nothing in the digital identity space now that ticks all these boxes.”
David Schwartz
Co-founder, Polygon Hermez
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