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Ethereum Scaling Solutions

General purpose zk-rollup

Polygon Miden is a STARK-based, Zero-Knowledge rollup with support for arbitrary smart contracts

STARK-based zk-rollup

Polygon Miden is layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Miden relies on zero-knowledge technology (zk-STARKs) to “roll-up” thousands of layer 2 transactions into a single Ethereum transaction, thus, increasing throughput and reducing transaction fees. At the heart of Polygon Miden is Miden VM: a Turing-complete STARK-based virtual machine which provides a level of safety and supports advanced features currently not available on Ethereum.

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Secure and scalable

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    Ethereum-level security provided by zk-STARKs
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    Transparent (no trusted setup) and post-quantum secure
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    High throughput of 1,000+ TPS before sharding and 10,000+ TPS after sharding
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    Low transaction fees: over 100x lower than fees on Ethereum

Safely programmable

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    Arbitrary smart contracts written in Solidity and other languages
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    Account abstractions and other features not yet available on Ethereum
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    Simpler formal verification of contracts due to safe VM architecture
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    Clear roadmap to privacy-preserving smart contracts

Open and permissionless

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    Fully open-source and community-driven development
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    Decentralized and permissionless network
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    Non-custodial architecture (full ownership of assets)
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Layer 2 scalability solution

Fast transaction confirmation times provided by the L2 chain, while zk proofs and L1 data availability provide Ethereum-level security.
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Impact Statistics

Implementing Polygon Miden results in below numbers.
5 sec

Block production time



15 min

Withdrawals to Ethereum

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