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Ethereum Scaling Solutions

A Privacy-Focused Rollup for Enterprises

Nightfall’s hybrid Optimistic-ZK rollup enables efficient and decentralized business transactions with privacy, opening up new possibilities for Enterprises on Web3.

Optimistic Rollups with Zero-Knowledge

Polygon Nightfall is an Optimistic Rollup designed to lower the cost of privately transferring ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. It uses an Optimistic Rollup to reduce transaction fees and zero knowledge proofs for privacy. The Optimistic Rollup contracts are deployed on Ethereum (Layer 1). Proposers roll up transactions into blocks and submit them to the Optimistic contracts. Challengers submit fraud proofs for any invalid block to the same contracts. All the information required to perform a private transfer exists with clients and does not rely on any off-chain third party.

Flow chart

Use Cases

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    Supply Chain Orchestration
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    Private NFT Marketplaces
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    Private DAO Voting

Transactional Benefits

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    Efficiency, higher throughput at only 12k gas per tx
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    Confidentiality, due to zk technology
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    Credibility, as rooted in the security on Ethereum


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    Full ownership and control of assets
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    Non-custodial architecture
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    Incentivised LPs that provide instant withdrawal of fungible tokens could also satisfy the minimum-one-honest-verifier requirement


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    In the public domain and community driven
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    Provides SDK for development
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    Provides web wallet through the Polygon website

Layer 2 scalability solution

Flow chart

Impact Statistics

Implementing Polygon Nightfall results in below numbers.

GAS per transaction

>100 txn/sec


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