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Ethereum Scaling Solutions

World’s most performant ZK L2

Polygon Zero uses the speed of Plonky2 to enable a more scalable and decentralized ZK L2. It offers both rollup and validium modes, giving users access to higher throughput and lower fees.

Fast ZK proofs validated on Ethereum

Polygon Zero is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. What separates Polygon Zero from other ZK scaling solutions is the power of Plonky2, our groundbreaking prover system, which generates ZK proofs faster than any other existing tech. Plonky2 supports efficient recursive proof generation, allowing Polygon Zero to scale horizontally, meaning the throughput of the protocol is limited not by the weakest nodes on the network, but only by the total compute available.

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    Powered by Plonky2, the world’s fastest zk prover system
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    ZK proofs generated in 170 milliseconds on a commodity laptop
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    Security of Ethereum without the wait


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    Stateless validators can store ~5 bits per active account
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    Proof size only 45kb in size-optimized mode
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    Execute transactions off-chain, and efficiently prove it to Ethereum

Revolutionary zkEVM

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    Full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine
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    Horizontal scaling powered by Plonky2
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    A composable zkEVM that scales with the total compute available to the network

Scaling Horizontally

Zero scales horizontally, increasing throughput with every node that joins the network.
Flow chart

Impact Statistics

Implementing Polygon Zero results in below numbers.
0.17 sec

To generate a zero-knowledge proof


Size of proofs


Amount of data stored by validators per active account

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