Identity infrastructure for Web3

Polygon ID gives you the power to build trusted and secure relationships between users and dApps, following the principles of self sovereign identity and privacy by default.

Polygon ID Ecosystem

First trustless implementation of verifiable credentials
in Web3


Don't trust, verify

  • Your application can require users to show their verifiable credentials or to generate Zero Knowledge proofs using these credentials - e.g. proof that you are a human without disclosing personal information.
  • You can create elaborated queries, like "proof that your are older than 18 and citizen of UK" using our unique ZK-Query language.

Verifiable credentials meet Web3

  • Take real world data (e.g., your diploma in the form of credentials) - stored in your wallet, and verify that data on-chain by generating a proof out of your data to interact with smart contracts.
  • Polygon ID is the first identity solution that allows users to use zero-knowledge proofs to interact with smart contracts, based on rich Verifiable Credential documents issued off-chain.
  • Polygon ID meets "Verifiable Credentials" (VC) and "Decentralized Identifiers" (DID) W3C standards, allowing you to increase interoperability of your dApp.

Improved user experience

  • Passwordless login: Hackers don't break in, they simply use credentials obtained through illicit means. Secure your systems and improve user experience by eliminating the need for passwords and implementing passwordless authentication.
  • Easily onboard: Verifiable Credentials are reusable. Once users receive a KYC credential, they can reuse that credential on each service they sign up for.
  • Composable reputation: Users can build reputation across multiple apps that can be collated, and accessed by new services on sign up.

Compliance without sacrificing privacy

  • Compliance is a primary concern for many as regulatory pressure increases
  • Polygon ID offers a solution to help with compliance use cases by using zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, which enables users to prove their identity without necessarily disclosing personal information to third parties.
  • Polygon ID can be used by developers to help in compliance processes while preserving privacy, without having to choose between the two.

Privacy by default

Polygon ID enables trust issuers to connect with trust verifiers. Individuals receive and store claims like a KYC check in a personal wallet, and use zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs to privately verify the statements made about them. Polygon ID can securely interact with smart contracts and other identities without revealing personal information.

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Polygon ID

Build trusted and secure relationships between users and dApps, following the principles of self sovereign identity and privacy by default.

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