Polygon Bootcamp Africa Class of 2022

Exclusive 8-week mentor-led program for you to take the next step in your Web3 Development Journey.

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Timeline & Tracks

Application Starts26th September, 2022
Application Ends7th October, 2022
Program Starts10th October, 2022         
Hackathon Starts21th November, 2022
Hackathon Ends2nd December, 2022
Judging Begins5th December, 2022
Winners Announced19th December, 2022

Hackathon Timeline



Beginner Track

  • The Beginners track will focus on an introduction to Web3. This track will be open for developers who are new in the web3 space and do not have any web3 experience yet.
  • Participants will form teams or build projects individually with the help of industry mentors.
  • Top 3 Projects will earn the following bounties:
  • Next top 10 projects will get $500 each.


Master Track

  • The Master track will focus on advanced web3 education and is targeted to those who have some experience in the web3 space.
  • Participants will form teams or build projects individually with the help of industry mentors.
  • Top 3 Projects will earn the following bounties:
  • Top 3 projects gets access to the Accelerator
  • Next top 15 projects will get $750 each.

Meet The Judges & Mentors

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji image

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Founder & General Partner at Future Africa

Prosper Otemuiywa image

Prosper Otemuiywa

CTO & Co-Founder at Eden Life

Shodipo Ayomide image

Shodipo Ayomide

Polygon Developer Relations

Muskan Kalra image

Muskan Kalra

Polygon Developer Relations

Victor Asemota image

Victor Asemota

Investor & Board Member at EdoInnovates

Yele Bademosi image

Yele Bademosi

CEO and Co-Founder at Nestcoin

Njoku Emmanuel image

Njoku Emmanuel

Founder and CEO at LazerPay

Dalip Tyagi image

Dalip Tyagi

Polygon Developer Relations

Ugochukwu Aronu image

Ugochukwu Aronu

Co-Founder And CEO at Xend Finance

Deborah Ojengbede image

Deborah Ojengbede

Co-Founder at AFEN Blockchain

Rahat Chowdhury image

Rahat Chowdhury

Polygon Developer Relations

Steph Orpilla image

Steph Orpilla

Polygon Developer Relations

Jude Dike image

Jude Dike

Co-Founder at GetEquity

Damilare Aregbesola image

Damilare Aregbesola

Polygon Developer Relations

Mayowa Tudonu image

Mayowa Tudonu

Blockchain Engineer at Shard Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Track should I apply to?

If you're a beginner, with little to no knowledge of Web3 and want an opportunity to learn and start, apply to Web3 Beginner Track. If you already know quite a bit and are ready to level-up with some mentorship and project building, you're more apt for Web3 Master Track.

What is the time commitment that the Bootcamp requires?

The Learning Phase of the programme is 6 weeks while the hackathon phase of the programme is 2 weeks. You are required to commit 40hrs/week during the learning phase.

Can we apply for the Bootcamp in teams?

Yes, team applications are allowed, but all participants are expected to participate in the learning phase.

What is the selection process?

For Beginner track, a basic knowledge about programming and web3 is needed. For Master track, an advanced knowledge or expereince in web3 is required.

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