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Community Grants Program

A community grants program to support builders, teams, and creators committed to the growth of Polygon

Season // 01
35 Million MATIC
How it works
Application Period | June 11 - Aug 31
Grantees submit applications for season participation
Review Period
Applications are reviewed by the Community Treasury Board on a rolling basis
Results Announced
Accepted grantees are notified of funding allocation on a rolling basis
Funding Distributed
Grant funding distributed to accepted grantees
Meet the
Treasury Board
Learn More
Roc Zacharias
Maggie Love
David Gogel
dYdX Foundation
Ajit Tripathi
Hadron FC
Pete Kim
Creator of Coinbase Wallet


What is the Community Grants Program?
What is the Community Treasury?
What is the Community Treasury Board? What are their roles and responsibilities?
What is a Grant Allocator (GA)?
How are Grant Allocators (GA) selected and what is their role?
What is the season strategy for the Community Grants Program?
What is the difference between General Grants and Consumer Crypto Tracks?
Which projects are eligible to apply?
How do I qualify for funding?
How much funding should I request?
Will grants be delivered in POL or MATIC?
Can I apply for as many tracks as I want?
Who decides which projects receive funding?
How can I track the status of my application?
What is the timeline to receive a final confirmation on my grant application?
When is the next season, and how can I apply?
How can I contact the Community Treasury Board?
What happened to Polygon Village Grants?
What is the role of Polygon Labs in the Community Treasury, and Community Grants Program?
How will the community be involved in the Community Grants Program?
How do I optimize my chances for getting approved for grant funding?

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