Proven scalability on Ethereum

Polygon PoS is one of the most used protocols in the world. The network has tens of thousands of dApps, more than 3 million average daily transactions, $5 billion in secured assets, and some of the top brands building on it.


The best scaling experience for devs and users


Low cost

  • Allows projects to scale by processing more transactions
  • Average ~$0.015 cost per transaction powered by Polygon’s proof-of-stake architecture
  • Approximately ~10,000x lower costs per transaction than Ethereum
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Community support

  • A highly active and engaged developer community
  • 24/7 development support
  • Extensive developer documentation to make building easier
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EVM compatible

  • Deploys easily from Ethereum for faster development
  • Compatible with Ethereum developer tools
  • Developers can scale faster and benefit from Ethereum network effects
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Adopted by the biggest projects

  • Trusted by some of the biggest brands and studios in Web2 and Web3
  • Allows developers to easily onboard users with a large pool of users on the network
  • Carbon netural blockchain reduces project emissions
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Decentralized and secure technology

Polygon’s scalable proof-of-stake (POS) architecture complements Ethereum’s decentralized security, ensuring you have the ability to create dApps that can appeal to the general public while maintaining the power of decentralization.

Polygon’s scalable proof-of-stake (POS) architecture

The most proven scaling solution in Web3


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Other scaling solutions

Polygon zkEVM

Unlock Ethereum scalability while maintaining security with the first ZK-rollup that offers EVM equivalence with fast transactions at near-zero gas cost today.

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Polygon Miden

Build advanced dApps with client-side proving with the first decentralized rollup that leverages execution proofs of concurrent, local transactions.

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Polygon CDK

Build app-chains powered by an industry-leading technology and ecosystem around Polygon

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Polygon Avail

Increase throughput without sacrificing decentralization with a base consensus and data availability layer for chains.

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Polygon ID

Build trusted and secure relationships between users and dApps, following the principles of self sovereign identity and privacy by default.

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Public Chains
App Specific Chain
Data Availability
Decentralized Identity