Earn rewards while securing the Polygon PoS network

Anyone can use MATIC tokens to help safeguard the network and earn rewards.









Why stake on Polygon?

Earn Rewards

12% of the total supply of 10 billion MATIC is allocated to fund staking rewards. As a validator, you set your own commission for accepting delegations to your node. There are also annual incentives available!

Stake Sustainably

You do not need to use energy-intensive computers to stake, which lessens the environmental impact. Each node consumes only 546.07 kWh per year.

Build the future

Polygon PoS is one of the most used protocols in the world and continues to grow. By staking, you can help to build the technology of Web3.

Validator Performance Metric

Validator Performance Metric helps in self-regulating network participation to an agreed set of parameters through:
  • Setting up a Performance Benchmark for a measurement period
  • Identifying healthy and under performing validators
  • Initiating communication with under performing validators for remedy
  • Showcasing validators' performances regularly
  • Initiating off-boarding of unhealthy validators from the network
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