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Polygon Guilds are all about that vibe! They're like your secret society of code wizards, sharing knowledge, hosting meet-ups, hackathons, and workshops. As a Guild Lead or 'Mage', you get to be part of the action, contributing to open-source projects and engaging with the community. It's your chance to show off your skills and make a real impact on the Web3 world!


Find like-minded people; passionate about all things Polygon.


Tap into the collvective and expand your Web3 knowledge.


Network with other Guild members and form teams to start building on Web3.

Community of 30000 Builders

110 Polygon Guilds across the 51 Countries, and  Counting!!!

Polygon Guilds serve as hubs for Developer Communities supporting them locally in there region with various Dev activities and fostering collaboration.  

Ready to lead a GUILD?

The Polygon Community seeks Guild Mages to:

Represent the Polygon Community
Take on Leadership Roles
Organise Guild Meet-Ups
Teach Others About Polygon Solutions & Tech
Host Twitter Spaces with Web3 Speakers

Perks of being a Guild Leaders include:

Learning Resources and Guild Guides
Meeting and Learning from the Core Team
Exclusive Merch, Goodies and NFTs

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I currently run other communities, am I still eligible to run a Polygon Web3 Guild in my city?
I don't have community-making experience, does that affect my chances of getting selected?
I want to have special events, like a conference other than the local meetups. Will Polygon Labs be able to support the conference financially?
Will Polygon Labs provide me with marketing materials and swag, like standing banners, t-shirts, and templates for talks and meetups?
I am a university student. Am I allowed to run a guild as well?
I need to organize some workshops and would like to invite speakers from Polygon Team. How can I do it?
Is it necessary for me to keep every topic around Polygon?
What is the size of the guild are you expecting?
Can I have external sponsors?