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Polygon Guilds are developer-run city chapters located around the world bringing builders together who are enthusiastic and focused on building awareness and adoption of Polygon protocols & Web3 technologies.

Polygon Guilds provide a local community for developers to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another. Guild “Mages” may participate in activities such as meetups, hackathons, and workshops to share knowledge and expertise, as well as contribute to open source projects and engage with the community.

Overall, Polygon Guilds serve as hubs for developer activity and innovation, fostering collaboration and driving the growth and development in the local community.


Find like-minded Web3 builders and those passionate about all things Polygon.


Tap into the collective and expand your Web3 knowledge by learning from other members.


Network with other Guild members and form teams to start building on Web3.

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We’re looking for Guild Leaders to:

  • Represent the Polygon community
  • Take on an important leadership role
  • Organize online and in-person meetups
  • Teach others about Polygon solutions and tech
  • Potentially host Twitter spaces with Polygon team members as speakers

Polygon supports Guild Leaders with:

  • Support to run your community and events
  • Opportunities to meet and learn from the core team
  • Goodies, t-shirts, NFTs, and other exciting swag exclusively designed for your Guild
  • Learning resources and Guild guides
  • Help booking guests for Twitter spaces
  • Any other support that’s needed

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I currently run other communities, am I still eligible to run a Polygon Web3 Guild in my city?
I don't have community-making experience, does that affect my chances of getting selected?
I want to have special events, like a conference other than the local meetups. Will Polygon Labs be able to support the conference financially?
Will Polygon Labs provide me with marketing materials and swag, like standing banners, t-shirts, and templates for talks and meetups?
I am a university student. Am I allowed to run a guild as well?
I need to organize some workshops and would like to invite speakers from Polygon Team. How can I do it?
Is it necessary for me to keep every topic around Polygon?
What is the size of the guild are you expecting?
Can I have external sponsors?

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