Chain Indexer Framework

Easily index EVM Based blockchains

A powerful Open Source framework designed for the development of flexible event-driven data pipelines on EVM blockchains

Unlock the Power of Chain Indexer Framework: Features and Benefits

✜ Freedom to host and modify

Open Source

Modify and host the software on your own infrastructure! This framework offers complete control to developers, for them to monitor the service closely to identify and resolve issues, as it's been opensourced under the MIT license.

⌇︎ Save on API Costs

Cost Effective

This framework handles the tedious task of collecting and preparing blockchain data for you in a cost effective way. There will be no restrictions on usage or API rate limits, as you can host the services yourself, making your applications save up on the costs.

✺ Developer Friendly

Built Using TypeScript

This developer-friendly programming language makes it easy to understand the code and implement changes. This framework can be easily installed by downloading the NPM package and integrating it into your project.

✦︎︎ Flexible Data Pipelines

One-Time Effort for Indexing Historical Blocks

Once the raw blockchain data is indexed, you can build an unlimited number of application layers on top of it. There will be no need to make RPC calls to re-index historical blocks, as they will already be available in the Kafka Data Warehouse.

⎒ Simplifying Bug Fixes

Modular Architecture

The architecture is designed with keeping modularity in mind, offering a streamlined approach for developers. This simplifies the  complex tasks of debugging and bug-fixing, making the development process more efficient and error-resistant.

✜ Real-Time Data

Instant Query

This framework empowers dApps with real-time data queries, facilitating seamless access to the complex blockchain data. This feature enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of decentralized applications, unlocking new possibilities for developers.

✜ Enhance UX through Events

Event-Triggered Actions

Chain Indexer Framework enables event triggers tied to specific blockchain activities, allowing dapps to automate actions like notifications or UI updates on dApps. This feature enhances user experience by facilitating timely responses to blockchain events.

⎒ Meet your unique requirement


This framework accommodates diverse dApp data needs. Its adaptable architecture empowers customization of data pipelines, catering to unique requirements. This flexibility helps in optimizing performance for decentralised applications.

✜ Ability to handle data loads


This framework seamlessly scales with your dApp's expansion, effortlessly managing increased data loads while maintaining optimal performance. This ensures consistent reliability, even as your dApp experiences increased usage and growth.