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The Village Grants program is being phased out to make way for the Community Grants Program, a community-led initiative funded by the Polygon Community Treasury.

Today, applications are open for the Community Grants Program (CGP)

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zkBuilder DeFi Grants

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Introducing the zkBuilder Decentralized Grants Program, designed to support, fund, and bootstrap DeFi builders on Polygon zkEVM.

As Polygon zkEVM gears up for the next phase of growth in March, it’s important developers are provided the tools and resources needed to thrive within the ecosystem.

The grants program, offered through Polygon Village, will be one of the many resources coming to builders on Polygon zkEVM.

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More than 110 million in
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Building the next big thing? Polygon Village  has relaunched with a newly-created grant program of more than 110 million in MATIC to help founders successfully grow in the Polygon ecosystem. The community grant program, powered by quadratic funding, will be available for all projects, at any stage of development.
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Web3 is complex. Identifying ideas that will thrive in that complexity is hard. Choose from our vetted list of ideas and build your dream startup. Hit project milestones and unlock grant support to fuel your development.

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Are you a visionary founder ready to take your startup to new heights? At Polygon Labs, we've designed this tailored support program just for you. Whether you're an early stage, growth stage, or late stage startup, our tailored support will empower you to thrive in the decentralized world.
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Welcome to Builder Houses – where co-working spaces meet innovation in a whole new way. Our mission is simple: to empower early-stage founders like you on you with cutting edge on-ground support
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Polygon Village Impact So Far


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“Village has been a really positive experience so far for us @ AlphaCapture.  We have felt supported in a number of specific areas – referrals into accelerators, masterclasses and a free security pre-audit, as well as generally enjoying having the backing of a friendly, engaged community, in terms of both the Polygon team and the other startups in Village.  The increased exposure is helping too.  Since being part of Village, traffic to our website and socials has been going up."

Louise, Cofounder

“Around six weeks ago we got accepted into the Polygon Village Build Ideas Program. After submitting our KPI milestones we attended seminars organized by the Polygon team. Village team has been extremely helpful in onboarding us to the program, introducing us to our mentors, setting up calls with them and providing support as and when needed.”

Abhishek, Cofounder

“Polygon Village team has been instrumental in connecting us with relevant folks to accelerate the progress on Qiro’s liquidity partnerships and fundraising efforts.”

Nishikant, Cofounder
Qiro Finance

“The program is incredibly riche with resources, the perks, the mentors, and the benefits are well thoughts and adapted to the projects needs, we are diving deeper into Buidl platform to take the most out of it. Polygon team is proactive with a true force of proposition. We’re having a beautiful autonomy and some of the requirements such as the public sharing of the work in progress are setting a great mindset within Zero-Code and Presence teams.”

Ayman, Cofounder


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