Dizzy Dinos NFT

Dizzy Dinos NFT

65 Million years ago, a wild era full of gigantic creatures came to an end. Mystically, some still wonder if they were fully extinct. Dizzy Dinos is an NFT collection that honors these amazing creatures and ironizes the evolution of life on planet earth. From dinos to mankind. From instinct to consciousness. From survival to employment. The Dizzy Dinos NFT collection has it all. Dizzy Dinos is the web’s dizziest NFT-collectible on the Polygon blockchain. The project and digital asset consists of a programmatically generated collection of 6500 dino pixel-artworks — all unique and with different traits and rarities. These assets can be traded and held similar to stocks. But… This project is not limited to the digital assets or art collection itself. We thrive for long-term value for our investors by organizing community events, give-aways, ambassador programs and merchandising. Ultimately we will launch a next level play-to-earn Dino Game, exclusively for Dizzy Dinos NFT holders. Who will become the best dino breeder? Play, breed, earn!

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