Polygon CDK

Build Ethereum Layer 2s

Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) enables you to build your own ZK-powered Layer 2 custom-fitted to your needs.


What is CDK?

Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) is a modular, open source software toolkit for blockchain developers to launch new L2 chains on Ethereum.

EVM Compatibility

Out-of-the-box compatibility with existing Ethereum tooling.  EVM-equivalence means there’s no need to change code.


Polygon CDK gives you the freedom to build in a compliant way that suits your users’ needs and hits your business objectives.

Dedicated Throughput

Having block space that is dedicated to your app ensures that the user experience is not affected by any extraneous high activity on the network.

Native Gas Token

Enables users to enjoy stable and predictable fees using native gas tokens, while also providing chain operators the flexibility to tailor fee structures.


Using CDK Means You’re Building an Aggregated Blockchain

The Aggregation Layer brings uniform cryptographic security and atomic composability across aggregated chains without sacrificing sovereignty.

Self Sovereignty

Devs can connect any EVM L1 or L2 chain to the AggLayer, building a Web3 network that feels like a single chain with unified liquidity and practically unlimited scalability.

Regulatory Considerations

Since CDK lets you choose how you want to build your modular L2, you can adapt your chain to fit regulatory needs in your location.

Dedicated Support from IPs

An extensive ecosystem of implementation providers offer end to end development support. Their pricing varies based on which option your team chooses.


Build with Providers Supporting Polygon CDK

Work with various providers to securely and rapidly build your Polygon CDK roll up.

Implementation Providers

Explore and Connect with IPs