Launching Blockchains Made Easy

Supernets powered by Polygon Edge
Polygon Supernets are the fast-track for blockchain adoption in new private and public networks for dApps and enterprises alike. Polygon Supernets uses powerful Polygon Edge as the configurable infrastructure solution in a highly secure and decentralized environment.

Higher security and decentralization

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    Validators verify all the transactions on Supernets
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    Validators stake MATIC tokens on the mainnet before validating the network
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    Any validator misbehavior is met with instant repercussions on the amount staked
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Powered by Polygon Edge

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    Ethereum compatible
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    Interoperable with other EVM compatible blockchains
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    High performing
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Modes of Supernets

Polygon Supernet can operate in different modes, tailor-made for your needs
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Shared-Security Chain

Validated by professional validators who stake in order to validate your Supernet
Sovereign Chain.png

Sovereign Chain

Hosted on a dedicated, trusted infrastructure, managed by a professional validator
L2 Chain.png

L2 Chain WIP

Scale your Supernet even more using ZK-rollups


Supernets Architecture

An open platform where existing solutions can be deployed and new ones created

Supernets Offerings

Current Features

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    Ability to have a decentralized PoS network that you don’t have to maintain yourself
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    Achieve decentralization and high security from day one, with staking from professional validators
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    High performance & scalability of Enterprise / dApp Networks running on the highly performant Polygon Edge infrastructure
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    Reward schedule for professional validators securing your Supernet

Upcoming Features

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    Gas-efficient bridging to Polygon/Ethereum
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    Configurable checkpointing to Polygon or Ethereum Mainnet, for extra security
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    Shared benefits: Blockexplorer for all Edge networks Infura or Alchemy-like RPC for all Edge networks Cross-chain bridging between Edge networks which require it
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    And we are constantly thinking of more...

Impact Statistics

Implementing Polygon Supernets results in the numbers mentioned below

4x C5.2xlarge validators
ERC721 minting
Total transactions
Total blocks used
Transactions per day

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I launch my own Polygon Supernet powered by Polygon Edge?
      The launch process is orchestrated through a series of smart contracts to which professional validators need to stake and the generation of the Genesis block. To start this orchestration process, please apply through the form and tell us more about your project and use-case.
  • Do I need a dedicated engineering team to run and maintain a Polygon Supernet?
      No, one of the benefits of Polygon Supernets is that you don’t need in-house SRE and DevOps expertise with blockchain networks. All the validators are hosted by different companies and individuals who offer professional blockchain validation services, a majority of them being the current validators of the Polygon PoS Mainnet.
  • What is the difference between Sovereign and Shared-security Polygon Supernets?
      Sovereign Supernets are validated by a set of validators belonging to a single professional validator. Shared-security Supernets are run by multiple validators who are all held individually liable by the staked MATIC on Ethereum for properly validating your Supernet chain. This gives you high-security as well as a network that is decentralized.
  • What kind of dApps and smart contracts can I deploy on a Polygon Supernet?
      Any Smart Contract or dApp written for the Ethereum compatible networks, either in Solidity, Vyper or other languages can be deployed to a Polygon Supernet.
  • How do I find validators for my network?
      The process of finding the validators for your network is facilitated by Polygon, from the pool of existing Polygon Mainnet validators. Once the needed number of validator is coordinated, the staking process can start and your Polygon Supernet is up and running.
  • Do I have to pay validators to validate my network?
      No, the validators are incentivized by MATIC rewards operated by Polygon.
  • How high are the costs associated with hosting and validating a Polygon Supernet?
      There are no hosting and validation costs associated with Polygon Supernets.
  • Is there a possibility of transferring funds to/from another blockchain?
      Yes, Polygon Supernets support a range of different bridge technologies. Apply for a Supernet to learn more about the supported cross-chain bridges.