Build and power App-chains with industry-leading tech & partner ecosystem.

Polygon Supernets allows you to create high-performing, customizable App-chains with compliance implementation options, in a fast seamless way.

Custom, high performing App specific chains



  • Polygon Supernets extends PoS Mainnet blockspace, the current deployment configuration we support is a PoS Side-Chain w/MATIC staked, additional configuration options will be added in the future (e.g. Validium Rollup w/Zero zkEVM integration).
  • Customizable Blockchain Features
  • Customizable Middleware
  • Governance/Security

EVM compatibility

  • Polygon PoS
  • Interoperable with PoS chain with native bridge.

Dedicated Throughput

  • Having blockspace that is dedicated to your applications ensures that user experience is not affected by any extraneous high activity on the network, it provides better performance with dedicated throughput.

Native gas token

  • Provides users with predictable fees with native gas tokens and custom fee structures
  • Clients can absorb the gas costs for its users
  • Clients can keep the gas costs fixed

Industry leading technology & Partner eco-system

Polygon Supernets are powered by Polygon’s cutting-edge EVM client technology, with premium end-to-end support and tolling from one of Polygon’s Implementation Partners.

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