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Ethereum Scaling Solutions

Scalable payments, with Zero-Knowledge Rollups.

Hermez is an open-source zk-Rollup optimised for secure, low-cost and usable token transfers on the wings of Ethereum.

Ethereum Scalability and ZK-Rollups

Hermez zk-rollup is a layer 2 construction on top of Ethereum that solves its scalability through mass transfer processing rolled into a single transaction. The "zero-knowledge proof" (ZK) technology is used to present and publicly record the validity and correctness of the rolled transfers processed on the Ethereum blockchain. By storing just the proof and the compressed data of a batch of transfers, the efficiency and the throughput of the network is multiplied.

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Powerful and trustless

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    Ethereum-level security guaranteed by zk-SNARKs
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    High throughput of 2000 TPS
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    Non-custodial architecture
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    Full ownership and control of assets (censorship resistant)
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    Data availability on Ethereum mainnet

The only decentralized zk-rollup

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    Fully open source and community-driven
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    Seamless integration with Hermez REST API
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    Permissionless network of coordinators
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    Decentralised auction model with validation reward token
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    Strategy towards governance minimisation

Token transfers simplified

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    Simple web and mobile app wallet
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    Low-cost token transfer
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    Atomic swaps
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    Fees payable in a single currency
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    Fast capital-efficient exit (withdrawal) in a few minutes

Layer 2 scalability solution

Computational integrity and on-chain data availability are guaranteed by zero-knowledge proof technology while preserving the public blockchain properties of Ethereum.
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Impact Statistics

Implementing Polygon Hermez results in below numbers.

Over 133x throughput improvement


Over 90% reduction in token transfer costs


Secure and fast withdrawals

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