Announcing Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM

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April 26, 2023
Polygon Solutions
Picture of a bridge, moving transactions from layer 1 to layer 2, from Ethereum to Polygon zkEVM
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All of the security, UX, and functionality users have come to expect from the Polygon PoS Bridge are now available for Polygon zkEVM. It’s never been easier to get started with the future of blockchain scaling. 

Polygon Bridge for zkEVM offers nearly the same user experience as its counterpart for Polygon PoS, but some things will work a little bit differently. The bridge comes with a number of UX improvements that incorporate feedback received from the community and include a more visible progress bar, transaction history, and recent transaction panel with color-coded completion status, time estimates for pending transactions and the ability to filter. Here is what you can expect.

A Better Bridge

Bridges powered by zero knowledge technology are simply better than those powered with other technology because they are governed entirely by smart contracts: one on Ethereum and one on Polygon zkEVM. Between them? Just math. That’s what it means to truly inherit Ethereum’s security.

Fast Finality 

Users will be able to transact within the rollup with fast finality. If they want to withdraw on Ethereum, they will usually be able to claim their funds on the Ethereum mainnet in 30-60 minutes, barring anomalous network conditions.

‍Asset Support

Most of your favorite assets are supported, including ERC-20 tokens and the extended features of ERC-777 tokens.

‍No Mapping Required

Once a user triggers the bridging transaction, the token being bridged will automatically be mapped. This is a major UX improvement compared to other chains, which require users to map tokens before bridging—a process that can take hours or even days.

After months of testing, Polygon zkEVM launched on March 27 as Mainnet Beta. Permissionless, open source and public – anyone can use it to transact and build. An impressive array of teams is already building on the Mainnet Beta, including premier dApps such as Lens and Balancer, blue-chip gaming projects such as Midnight Society and Oath of Peak, and trusted infrastructure providers such as ANKR, Alchemy, Sequence, and The Graph.

Read more about Polygon zkEVM journey so far and what lies ahead. Tune into the Polygon Labs Blog and our social channels to stay up to date on the latest from the Polygon ecosystem.

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