Announcing the Winners of Polygon’s BUIDL IT Hackathon!

Polygon Labs
September 15, 2022
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Polygon is pleased to announce winners of Polygon’s BUIDL IT Summer 2022 hackathon! We funneled over $500,000 in resources to help developers build a more equitable web. 

This year, we saw 3.6 times as many projects submitted to #BUIDLIT compared to last, a number that translates to the highest conversion rate of registrations to projects submitted across all hackathons organized by any Web3 company. Over 650 projects were submitted for prizes and bounties. 

Thank you to all the teams who spent the last few months attending workshops and honing the skills needed to build next generation dApps in Web3. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate you, as you work to build a more decentralized, creator-owned future.

Importantly, #BUIDLIT shows what happens when people team up, forge connections, and learn to build together, rather than remaining trapped in the zero-sum mindset of Web2. This hackathon was designed to capture the imagination of builders across the globe: developers from 118 countries participated, kickstarting their voyage into Web3. 

The results? Some of the highest quality submissions we’ve ever seen, using Polygon’s best-of-class protocols to scale Ethereum. The future of the Polygon ecosystem is a collaborative network of state-of-the-art dApps on the best scaling protocols. Building doesn’t happen in a vacuum or overnight, which is why Polygon teamed up with some superstar partners in Web3 to make #BUIDLIT 2022 a reality. 

A big shout out and bold thank you to all sponsors and ecosystem partners: 0vix, Alchemy, AWS, Chainlink, Filecoin, Quickswap, Sequence, and Spheron.

Now, let’s take a look at the winners of the hackathon:

🥇1st overall prize: Cratch - The Future of Content Creation

  • A social media platform for live streaming, video sharing, and content creation in the Metaverse, compatible with mobile, so you can watch on the go.

🥈2nd overall prize: Toshimon

  • Retro-style trading card game with NFTs as in-game assets. Battle against others with on-chain settlement.

🥉3rd overall prize: FindTruman

  • A platform to co-create gameplay-stories in Web3.

DeFi track

🥇1st place: DeFi for People

  • DeFi education that breaks down difficult financial concepts to better educate new users.

🥈2nd place: Nomis

  • An open-source protocol that enables developers to build better DeFi protocols, while better balancing TVL. 

🥉3rd place: Fixel

  • A perpetual NFT exchange on Polygon.

NFTs track

🥇1st place: Slise

  • Delivering Web3 content creators better insights about their audience, onchain and off, for better marketing. 

🥈2nd place: Rakugaki

  • Preserving graffiti by minting NFTs. 

🥉3rd place: Decent Poems

  • A more-than-decent experiment in co-creating poetry, co-owning NFTs, and receiving mutual rewards. 


🥇1st place: War Alpha Metaverse V2

  • Space shooter with upgradable NFT spaceships, and built-in composability to make your own adventure. 

🥈2nd place: Mothora

  • A persistent, large-scale three-way faction battle, with a real in-game economy and gamer ownership. 

🥉3rd place: Cozyverse - Fully on-chain community games

  • A fully on-chain ecosystem of games following a fun-first principle. 

Tooling/Infrastructure track

🥇1st place: Toolblox

  • No-code blockchain app maker: any business process can be turned into a smart contract.

🥈2nd place: Finity-UI

  • An open source components library to help Web3 developers build dApps faster, with more-appealing UX. 

🥉3rd place: Universal Adapter Protocol

  • Writing trustless agreements using JavaScript. 

Public goods track

🥇1st place: Pollen Protocol

  • Running “Pollen modules” to support and extend Lens Protocol, in the vein of OpenZeppelin for Ethereum. 

🥈2nd place: 0xDeadList

  • Helping users collect and report addresses where the private keys have been compromised. 

🥉3rd place: Drop the Bit

  • Distribute tokens with a claimable link and help onboard users new to Web3.

Web3 integration with a Web2 product

🥇1st place: Salespage

  • Point of Sales management platform for businesses, optimized for Web3. 

🥈2nd place: Perkable

  • Connecting customers to brands by innovating the next generation of cookies.

🥉3rd place: BlockSwan Family

  • Community-owned services marketplace providing a space for builders to easily access talents or to sell their services through secured and transparent means. 


🥇1st place: Sundaram J (ExWhyZee)

🥈2nd place: Akash Harlalka

🥉3rd place: Iñigo Zepeda

Best Mobile Design: Ololade bello

Best Onboarding: Artem Bryzgalov 

Everything ZK

🥇1st place: Wisp

  • A private bank protocol that uses zk proofs to allow receiving payments without revealing public wallet addresses.   

Prize Pool

  • We set aside $50,000 for the top 50 projects. See the entire list of all these winners, here.  

Congratulations to these amazing projects, builders, and developers! It’s been a thrill to watch you work. 

Did you miss the submission deadline for #BUIDLIT? Do you want to continue the momentum that began this summer? 

No problem. 

Polygon is striving to be the best developer support layer in Web3, with the resources, education, and team to make it happen. 

Check out these other Web3 hackathons, where Polygon is a key sponsor:  

There are other ways to get involved, too. If you want to get involved in your local Web3 community, find a Polygon Guild near you, or spin up your own. And stay tuned to our blog, join our Discord, and follow us on our social media handles for information about upcoming events. 

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