Buy A Digital Book, Remove CO2: and Tres Cool Team Up for Launch on Polygon

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October 30, 2023
Buy a digital book, remove CO2: and TresCool team up for launch on Polygon
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the spring of climate hope, it was the winter of crypto despair. and Tres Cool have collaborated on a digital book that removes CO2 from the atmosphere, built on the Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS) network. In a time when decisive climate action is needed more than ever, readers can now buy Zahra Biabani’s Climate Optimism on, published by Mango Publishing, and know that a programmed percentage of royalties goes to purchasing high-quality carbon removal credits, in perpetuity. 

Here’s how it works. has integrated Tres Cool’s ERC-Cool token standard into Climate Optimism. ERC-Cool is an upgrade to non-fungible tokens that means a percentage of every sale is programmed to purchase and retire tech-based carbon credits. Why tech-based? These carbon removal technologies ensure ‘permanent’ sequestration of carbon dioxide – permanent denoting a minimum of 1,000 years storage. The portfolio of credits for this particular collaboration includes biomass burial, centralized direct-air capture, and enhanced weathering, among others–and can be viewed here

In short: each purchase and subsequent resale of Climate Optimism on will continue to contribute to positive planet cooling action.

Biabani’s Climate Optimism celebrates systemic change around the world, providing a comprehensive review of some of the most promising climate solutions, as well as practical advice to change the way readers might think and feel about climate change. 

Book owners will be able to track their impact here by connecting their wallet to view the carbon removed after each purchase.

At a time when doomerism is in vogue, Climate Optimism offers a potent antidote, both in content and in form. Tres Cool and are showing how programmable carbon removal can be directly embedded into the reading experience–showcasing what’s possible across the entire publishing industry, and beyond. 

Climate Optimism is available now. Mint the book here and turn your reading into climate action.

Together, we can bring a fundamental change to the Internet that enables everyone to equitably access its value.

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