Chain Indexer Framework: Your Open-Source Gateway to Building Scalable dApps

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October 20, 2023
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Chain Indexer Framework empowers developers to build robust and scalable applications that seamlessly process blockchain events and enable real-time data integration. This powerful open-source framework is now live!

Developers building dApps that query blockchain data know the process can be cumbersome and slow. It requires you to sift through millions of transaction records, smart contracts, and other types of data. And, if you use an external API, the costs can quickly add up.

Chain Indexer Framework helps you develop scalable dApps that require querying blockchain data for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based chains. This is an open source framework under the MIT license that lets developers accomplish that while reducing reliance on RPC providers.

Chain Indexer Framework provides a comprehensive set of a Node.js package that simplifies the development of event-driven data pipelines. With its intuitive design and seamless integration with Kafka, one of the most popular and battle-tested distributed streaming platforms, Chain Indexer Framework offers a robust and reliable infrastructure for processing blockchain events efficiently.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect by adding Chain Indexer Framework to your project:

  • Event-driven architecture -- Chain Indexer Framework allows developers to create pipelines that react to blockchain events in real time and easily respond to changes on the blockchain, enabling near-instantaneous data processing without the need to rely on cron jobs;
  • Reduced API costs -- Chain Indexer Framework stores block data within Kafka which can then be replayed and stored in related API services as many times as needed;
  • Modular -- Chain Indexer Framework can be deployed on your own servers or modified as per your needs;
  • Flexible data pipelines -- Developers can easily define their desired data flow, including event filtering, transformation, and aggregation. This framework supports the indexing of events, calldata, block numbers, inputs and much more. Fully transform it according to your use-case;
  • Integration with Kafka -- This ensures reliable data processing and enables seamless interoperability with other Kafka-based systems, further enhancing the versatility of your data pipelines;
  • EVM blockchain compatibility -- Chain Indexer Framework provides a unified and consistent approach to processing blockchain events across different networks;
  • Efficient Architecture -- Chain Indexer Framework can help you run the indexer for two distinct chains at once, which makes it super easy to consume events simultaneously.

Learn more about Chain Indexer Framework on the website and head over to Github for instructions on how to get started. Tune into the blog and our social channels to keep up with updates about the Polygon ecosystem.

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