Coming to Polygon zkEVM: Polygon Wallet Suite

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March 14, 2023
Polygon Solutions
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When the Mainnet Beta for Polygon zkEVM launches later this month, users of Polygon PoS will see a familiar interface. Polygon Wallet Suite, the all-in-one front-end solution that allowed 100,000 users last month to safely bridge, swap, and manage their assets, will be available on Polygon zkEVM. 

All of the security, UX, and functionality users of the Polygon Wallet Suite already know will, for the first time, be available inside of a next-gen ZK-powered rollup. Mainnet Beta for Polygon zkEVM will bring users to the frontiers of Web3, and Polygon Wallet Suite will be there to make that journey frictionless. 

What Can Users Expect?

Polygon Wallet Suite will offer nearly the same UX that it does for Polygon PoS on Polygon zkEVM. Functionality will not be exactly 1:1 because ZK environments operate a little differently. But as Polygon zkEVM matures, so will the Polygon Wallet Suite. On Day One, users will be able to: 

  • Bridge: ZK-powered tech builds better bridges. That’s because the only thing that will govern the bridge is smart contracts: one smart contract on Ethereum and one smart contract on Polygon zkEVM. Between them? Math. That’s what it means to inherit Ethereum’s security. 
  • Fast finality: Polygon Wallet Suite users will be able to transact within the rollup with fast finality. And if they want to withdraw on Ethereum, they will be able to claim their funds on L1 in 30 - 60 minutes. 
  • Asset management: All of your favorite assets are supported, including ERC-20 tokens and the extended features of ERC-777 tokens.
  • No mapping required: Once a user triggers the bridging transaction, the token being bridged will automatically be mapped.

Also Coming Soon to Polygon zkEVM

In addition to Polygon Wallet Suite, Matic.js SDK and Gas Station will also be supported shortly after the launch of Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

Gas Station indexes the most recent 1,500 transactions to provide devs with gas price recommendations.

Matic.js SDK lets builders from Polygon PoS use the tooling they already know and love to build on Polygon zkEVM.

More is coming to Polygon zkEVM, so stay tuned to the Polygon Labs blog. Connecting your wallet to Polygon Wallet Suite is two clicks away. For a comprehensive resource on Polygon zkEVM, check out the documentation wiki

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