DApp Store Kit and Meroku Protocol V2: Dawn of New Era for DApps Distribution

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August 11, 2023
Polygon Solutions
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DApp Store Kit is getting a major upgrade. Meroku, with their newly released Protocol V2, is taking the open-source, community-powered tech stack for building app stores to a new level. 

DApp Store Kit gives developers the freedom to set their own rules for distribution, curation and governance, complete control over branding and monetization. It is an important enabler of innovation and a major step toward the broader adoption of Web3. 

There is a need for an alternative to the walled-garden approach that has allowed mobile OS incumbents to charge exorbitant fees and exclude a whole class of applications by not supporting crypto payments. DApp Store Kit is leading the charge and has already attracted a vibrant community of innovators and early adopters.

The Game-Changers: .appStore and .dev

With the addition of .appStore and .dev, Meroku is giving developers unparalleled freedom to craft, list, and spotlight their creations. For the first time ever, with .dev, developers break free from the exorbitant fees and constricting walls of traditional platforms, seizing control of their own registrations. Meanwhile, .appStore tears down the barriers further, enabling creators to design their very own app stores, free from the centralized databases and restrictions that once curtailed innovation. Together, they signal the dismantling of long-standing duopolies and herald a new epoch of boundless digital creation.

See What Your Peers Are Building: .appStore Leaderboard (Beta)

Nothing motivates you like seeing other people do great work. This is the idea behind the dApp Store Leaderboard (Beta) - a place to see .appStore rankings based on the number of .apps. There are already 12+ early builders you can check out. Learn from the best, improve, rinse and repeat! 

Customize your dApp Store

Set the context of your dApp Store by selecting your subset from the registry. Update your own metadata for the apps and add many featured sections. Ask for users to rate  your store. You can do all of this from the Meroku Portal, and for advanced integrations, there are APIs for all of this.

Seamless DApp Registration: Elevating the UX

At the heart of the DApp Store Kit lies the dApp Registry, now enhanced with user-centric features. Thousands of dApps are already part of this permissionless public dApp registry, check out the dApp registry explorer. The integration of the .dev extension has streamlined app listings, setting an industry standard within the decentralized realm. 

Discover the Redesigned DApp Store Kit Website

The Dapp Store Kit website has undergone a transformation, spotlighting the architects behind the dApp Store and showcasing the wonders brought to life using the SDK. Check it out for real world examples and videos of what is possible.

Coming Soon: Better Trust With DApp Verification Tag

As part of an unwavering commitment to foster trust, dApps will soon showcase verification scores derived from select Web2 and Web3 parameters. This forthcoming enhancement is poised to reinforce transparency and credibility within the ecosystem.

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Together, we can build an equitable future for all through the mass adoption of Web3!

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