Erigon Client Comes to Polygon CDK

The development of cdk-erigon by makes Polygon CDK the first multi-client zkEVM tech stack and onboards another core contributor to Polygon CDK

Polygon Labs
December 18, 2023
Polygon Solutions
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Gateway, one of the leading blockchain infrastructure teams, is bringing a new execution client, cdk-erigon to the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), an open source toolkit for launching zero knowledge-powered Layer 2 chains for Ethereum.

The integration with cdk-erigon brings the ultra-fast, highly efficient Erigon node to Polygon CDK, allowing infrastructure providers to select from multiple EVM clients when launching Polygon CDK chains. Erigon is known for being memory-optimized, and so is cdk-erigon. Compared to the  zkNode on Polygon zkEVM (of which Polygon CDK is a fork), cdk-erigon uses 10x less disk space with +150x faster sync times on mainnet. 

Joining the zkNode as the second execution client supporting Polygon CDK, cdk-erigon is making Polygon CDK the industry’s first multi-client zkEVM tech stack. And early next year, cdk-erigon will enter production as an RPC node for Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta early next year.

The Gateway team is one of the leading web3 infrastructure providers, and it includes the core devs that developed Erigon at the Ethereum Foundation. As contributors to Polygon CDK, Gateway will accelerate the development of high performance clients for Polygon CDK, benefiting the broader Polygon ecosystem.

“We are excited to welcome Gateway to the Polygon CDK community and to see the industry leading Erigon technology can now be used with Polygon CDK,” says Polygon Labs Co-founder and CTO David Schwartz. “The ability to use the same software battle tested on Ethereum for your ZK-powered Ethereum Layer 2 will make it easy for anyone to deploy a blockchain with the best-in-class performance and efficiency we have come to expect with Erigon.” 

Many projects are already using and testing Polygon CDK, including OKX, Astar, Canto, Gnosis Pay, Immutable, Palm Network, and IDEX. In the future, Polygon CDK-deployed chains can be interoperable and unified within a broader web of ZK-powered L2s in the Polygon CDK ecosystem. 

Try out Presto from to see Polygon CDK in action, and tune into the blog and our social channels to keep up with updates about the Polygon ecosystem.

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