Flipkart and eDAO Partner to Power ‘Flipverse’ on Polygon

Polygon Labs
October 18, 2022
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Flipkart, India’s e-commerce giant, is making a major foray into Web3 with a bold experiment in the future of shopping on Polygon. 

The Flipverse will give people a chance to experience a AAA game-like high-fidelity metaverse where their digital avatars can go on quests to unlock new e-commerce experiences. The goal is to make possible new use cases that create a highly engaged, bi-directional relationship between consumers and their favorite brands.

Adoption of e-commerce has come a long way over the past decade, making buying and selling of products online accessible and simple, if a little boring. Web3 is powering a new wave of technological innovation that promises to build on what’s been accomplished before and also bring back some of the excitement and delight. 

The Flipverse is the very first step toward e-commerce 2.0. Its richer experiences will create new avenues for Flipkart to enable consumer engagement and retention and let brands and e-commerce platforms convert buyers to consumers, and consumers to fans. It will feature over 100 products, offers, and rewards on showcase by 13 brands across a wide range of verticals. Users will be able to build photorealistic digital avatars from selfies in 3 easy steps. 

The Flipverse is produced by eDAO, a Polygon incubated enterprise, in collaboration with 23 teams across tech, design, Web3, IP and brands. SURREAL Events is the team behind the photorealistic visual space. Polygon’s Cope Studio, a venture studio which brings together design, NFTs, DAOs, and VR/AR with a focus on Metaverse, built the technology that brings all the elements together. 

The crown jewel in the Flipverse is eDAO’s The Strand, a free collectible that opens access to IPs, brands and culture. The Strand gives users a tangible connection to their beloved icons, artists, and brands. It is a promise that you will always be a citizen of the culture multiverse. Over 75,000 have been activated to date.

Flipkart's Web3 properties also include FireDrops, an easy-to-use NFT platform for consumers, brands, and creators looking to explore new horizons of community building and experience the value of NFT and NFT utilities.

In collaborating with Polygon, Flipkart joins a vibrant ecosystem of projects building on Polygon. Some of the biggest Web3 projects like OpenSea and Aave as well as enterprises like Starbucks, Stripe and Meta chose Polygon to take advantage of its low network fees, fast transaction speeds and carbon neutrality.

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