GameSwift Debuts on Polygon Supernets Following Migration and Rebrand From StarTerra

Polygon Labs
August 23, 2022
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Polygon is excited to reveal that GameSwift, a GameFi ecosystem formerly known as StarTerra on the Terra blockchain, has rebranded and is migrating to Polygon Supernets! 

GameSwift offers users an all-in-one gaming ecosystem where they play a wide range of games and participate in Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) and Initial NFT Offerings (INOs). GameSwift also allows developers to port their projects into the decentralized space, giving them the tools to scale and customize them — all powered by Polygon Supernets technology, which allows for the creation of application-specific, scalable, and customizable blockchain networks.

The project is backed by an array of Web3 investors, including Hashed, KuCoin Labs, SkyVision Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Maven Capital, DWeb3 Capital, RR2 Capital, and Qi Capital.

GameSwift is already offering a quality lineup of Web3-powered games. Take, for example, StarHeroes, the first blockchain game to be awarded a grant from Microsoft. StarHeroes is being built by former developers from CD Projekt Red, the creators of top gaming titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. GameSwift also boasts several other upcoming games based on their as-yet-unannounced partnership with another top gaming studio.

To make the platform as user-friendly as possible, all titles in the GameSwift ecosystem will be accessible via a dedicated launcher that will store and constantly update them to the latest version. Furthermore, to help Web3 developers smoothly onboard a wide range of gamers, the platform will feature a non-custodial, unified, decentralized identifier known as GameSwift ID. 

GameSwift ID will allow players to log into any game available on the network and keep track of all their NFTs or currencies in-game, regardless of the game title or the chain the assets are based on. This will enable users to log in to games using a Google, Apple ID, or Facebook account. This will make the entire experience more seamless, especially for blockchain newcomers. GameSwift will even offer a dedicated browser extension enabling a variety of cross-platform possibilities.

Among the platform’s other features is the GameSwift Portal, designed to help developers launch their own INOs and IGOs. There’s also GameSwift Bridge, a complete cross-chain communication bridge linking the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Substrate chains that will allow holders to seamlessly transfer funds and other digital assets between the networks.

Lastly, to better understand and engage with their audiences, Web3 developers will be able to access GameSwift’s comprehensive analytics service. This will allow anyone from developers of a game’s protocols, guild members, and marketing studios to dig deeper into a project’s data to build new strategies and help foster growth.

For more information regarding Polygon Supernets, dig into the documentation, check out the GitHub repository and join the Polygon Supernets Discord. Keep up with the latest on the Polygon ecosystem on our blog.

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