HellCats Partner With Polygon Studios Following Migration From Terra

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November 30, 2022
Image source: Dribbble

HellCats, a non-fungible token (NFT) collection and a community of self-described rag-tag degenerate outcasts, is partnering with Polygon Studios after a successful migration from the Terra blockchain.

The project, founded by Taylor Arnold and Dimitri Panotis, consists of 2,500 HellCats and 5,000 HellHounds digital collectibles. The NFTs double as a digital persona and a membership in the exclusive online hangout called The Club.

Launched a year ago on Terra, HellCats were among many projects that suffered in the wake of the collapse of the blockchain’s LUNA native token in May. Since then, the team successfully migrated over 80% of the NFTs to the Polygon network and already achieved a total cumulative trade volume of more than 279,000 MATIC.

HellCats joins notable Terra projects like OnePlanet, Derby Stars and GameSwift in finding a new home on Polygon, where they can enjoy low gas fees, fast transaction speeds and minimal carbon footprint. The Polygon network hosts tens of thousands of decentralized apps, including Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, and serves as an entrypoint to Web3 for global companies like Meta, Robinhood, Adobe, and Stripe. 

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Partnering with Polygon Studios will enable the HellCats team to continue delivering on its roadmap. Collectors can look forward to a revamped look, further story and lore development and lore through comics and animations. The team is also working on new ways owners can spend their Troublemaker Tokens ($TMT), including merchandise, collectibles and raffles. 

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