How Polygon Helped Empower Women Builders at ETHMexico 2022

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September 2, 2022
Polygon ETHMexico 2022
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This is the true story of 25 LatAm women picked to live in a house, build together, and have the time of their lives. This is what happens when empowered women start getting real.

Polygon is building Web3 for everyone. That includes helping break down entry barriers. Blu3House #onPolygon was an experiment in supporting LatAm women builders, before and during a LatAm hackathon, at a co-living space in Mexico City.

Too often, Web3 hackathons and conferences descend on a place for a few days, hog resources, and leave. Building together is put on the back burner in favor of competition. 

Blu3House #onPolygon was a first step to remedy this dynamic. Launched late last month, just before ETHMexico, this woman-only build house was designed to uplift Web3 women builders. Between hackathon strategy sessions and immersive learning experiences, Blu3House residents found their squads. 

There were delicious meals, community building, and deep dives with mentors. 

In the end, the women of Blu3House #onPolygon spun up Web3 projects that took ETHMexico by storm! 

Six teams from Blu3House #onPolygon were selected as ETHMexico hackathon winners, taking home prizes that will sustain them on their build journeys. 

Winning teams from Blu3House #onPolygon at ETHMexico 2022.

Outside the Blu3House, the appreciation at ETHMexico was real: a total of 58 out of 90 projects, and 8 of 12 finalists, were built on Polygon. Polygon’s judges were blown away by the high caliber projects built in only two days.

So take a moment to celebrate with us. Check out the winning projects built by Blu3House #onPolygon builders below: 

  • Kiwik: Tokenized 3D assets are now easily accessible to creators and game developers, paving the way for an increase in quantity and quality of blockchain games and metaverses.
  • Staxx: Giving creators and users the ability to take ownership of their social feeds, and the content they share.
  • OwnTheLand: Any city or private citizen can maintain an open database of plots on Web3, facilitating the purchase, sale, and transfer of land titles on blockchain.
  • MeritDAOcracy: Tooling that enables soulbound voting power for DAOs: governance based on merit and bounties, rather than number of tokens.
  • MyPlac3: Unique recommendations tailored for you, from your favorite communities. 
  • Dharma: When you help someone else, you receive a Dharma token. Exchange your Dharma token in the future for help in return.

Check out Blu3 DAO and its mission to empower women, nonbinary, and allies to learn, earn, and play in Web3 and achieve financial freedom. Spread the word.

If you are excited by Polygon initiatives but don’t know where to start, look for a Polygon Guild near you. Or start your own to sync up with other Web3 enthusiasts. 

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