How to Add Your Application to Meroku’s DApp Store Registry

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May 22, 2023
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Meroku’s dApp Store Kit is empowering Web3 projects to create their own application stores. The open-source, community-powered tech stack gives developers the freedom to set their own rules for distribution, curation and governance, complete control over branding and monetization.

The dApp Registry, the base layer of the dApp Store Kit, is a decentralized app database that lets users find new dApps and allows developers to seamlessly add theirs. It frees projects from the hard work of building and maintaining their own databases, so that they can focus on the building blocks and user experience of their dApp stores.

Here is how you can add your own dApp to Meroku’s public, verifiable, and trusted registry hosted on the Polygon network:

Claim app name

Add metadata

  • Find your app In the Owned section
  • Click “Edit”
  • Enter app details
     - Name and Description
    - URL
    - Contracts
    - Geo restriction (optional)
    - Category
    - Language
  • Save (this only saves the information locally)

Build and push on chain

  • With app details section already complete, head over to the Build section
  • If you are building as a Web app, check that box and add the URL
  • If you have an Android app, there is a bit more information required
    - Upload APK
    - The minimum version of Android
    - Your dApp’s version
    - Package ID of your dApp
    - Version code
  • Click Save 
  • Head over to Add App images tab and upload your images
  • Click “Save on Chain”
  • Sign the transaction and you’re done!

DApp Store Kit, originally incubated by Polygon Labs and spun out to the community, is an important enabler of innovation and a major step toward the broader adoption of Web3. It offers an alternative to the walled-garden approach that has allowed mobile OS incumbents to charge exorbitant fees and exclude a whole class of applications by not supporting crypto payments. 

Read up on dApp Store Kit, and tune into the Polygon Labs Blog and our social channels to stay up to date on the latest from the Polygon ecosystem.

Together, we can build an equitable future for all through the mass adoption of Web3!

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