India Takes Center Stage in Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour

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November 2, 2022
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Polygon believes that India will be the epicenter of building and adoption of new blockchain technologies, and we want to help. Introducing Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour, a rolling celebration of blockchain builders, culminating at the biggest Web3 festivity of all: ETHIndia!

With seven Polygon Guild events and the first-ever Polygon Connect: India, we’re touring the country to celebrate the developers who’ve made Web3 possible. 

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Polygon’s origin story begins in India, propelled to the limelight of ETHIndia 2019. Back then, there were only about 40 dApps integrated on the network. But Polygon’s founders were Ethereum fanatics, obsessed with a vision of finding global scaling solutions that would become the backbone of a new, more equitable web.

Now, with tens of thousands of dApps, a zkEVM testnet recently launched, and a bevy of major partnerships like Starbucks, Robin Hood, NuBank, and others–Polygon is quickly becoming the foundational infrastructure of Web3, where people and technology will collaborate and exchange value globally, without gatekeepers or intermediaries. 

Without India, there would be no web as we know it. Developers in the country have always been crucial to making Web2 successful.

These same developers are now the architects of Web3. 

India Guild Roadshow 

Kochi. Jaipur. Hyderabad. Ahmedabad. Lucknow. Mumbai. And Delhi. 

The Web3: Made in India Roadshow brings together some of the brightest minds in the blockchain world to provide IRL, hands-on blockchain education at Guilds across the country. 

First up? Guild Kochi and Guild Jaipur

Polygon Guilds are run by local communities, for local communities, a wellspring of education and community-making with 56 Guilds around the world. Our Guild Roadshow spotlights a grassroots movement that brings together like-minded developers all over the world. 

In India, the Roadshow will rove city to city, Guild to Guild. Drop in and get started on Polygon: deep dive into the latest developments in Zero Knowledge or find your tribe with opportunities for mentorship and networking

Polygon Connect: India

On the eve of ETHIndia, we’re hosting the first-ever Polygon Connect: India in Bangalore!

The final stop of the Roadshow, this massive event will fill up fast with an anticipated 1,500+ Web3 and Web2 builders alike. Connect is free and open to everyone until we reach capacity. 

Register for Connect: India today

Polygon Connect: India unites every aspect of India’s vibrant blockchain and software developer landscape during a festive, thought-provoking, keynote-powered, and networking-heavy mainstage event. A show-stealing lineup of speakers and guests will bring the best insights to budding blockchain developers and longtime Web3 gurus alike. 

All speakers and partners will be unveiled in the coming weeks, but think of the biggest names in Web3, then think bigger. 

Connect will also feature a special guest performance by a beloved Indian artist. 

So register now, and experience firsthand the unique, Web3-based ticketing for Connect: India, powered by Polygon’s Mint NFT.

Showing Love at ETHIndia, and After: Polygon X Buidl.So Demo Day

Finally, the biggest stage of all: ETHIndia

Polygon Technology is proud to be a partner of ETHIndia. The builders, developers, founders, and entrepreneurs coming out of India today are the best in the world. 

With the second-largest base of internet users globally and the second-largest concentration of programmers, the country is poised to lead the decentralized, open, and community-oriented revolution of the future. By 2025, it will have the biggest pool of Web3 talent in the world.  

ETHGlobal and Devfolio get this: they execute the best hackathons in the space, including ETHIndia, sending critical support to the next generation of innovators.

After the celebrations at ETHIndia end, Polygon is hosting an exclusive, application-based demo day in Bangalore, with our partners BuildersTribe. Polygon X Buidl.So Demo Day will feature over 50+ top global VCs, and 100+ angel investors. 

Applications are open, so make sure to apply today!

Polygon and Ethereum hackathon winners from ETHIndia will have special access to pitch their projects at the demo day, alongside the first cohort of Polygon Village Wonders, and all other successful applicants on the website. 

Demo Day teams will receive one-on-one sessions with the founders of BuildersTribe, mingle with global investors and participants from ETHIndia, and find access to a host of other mentors.

There is a true, grassroots thirst for a new internet.

Polygon Fellowship 2022, exclusively for developers in India, received more than 10,000 registrations. We will continue to support the builders and developers in India to make and remake Web3. 

So don’t miss the tour, tune into the Polygon Blog for latest news from our ecosystem, and help us bring the world to Ethereum! 

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