Introducing The Value Prop: The Open Database of Blockchain Use Cases

Polygon Labs
June 15, 2023
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Transparency is a core tenet of a blockchain-based Internet. Building with open source technology means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can leverage public blockchain protocols to begin building applications with tangible uses, quickly produce impressive out-of-the-box results and begin making a positive impact globally. 

Notwithstanding those facts, we have heard the refrain frequently, “What fundamental value does this technology provide?” We also know from many others in the space that they’re asked the same – “what problem do blockchains solve?”  In other words, what is the value proposition for a blockchain-based Internet?  

Today, we are launching The Value Prop ( to answer that question.  The Value Prop is a crowd-sourced and entirely open database, created to showcase the diverse and unique use cases for blockchain technology – across all networks – which are making an impact throughout the world. 

The Value Prop highlights 39 separate use cases for blockchain technology, with a total of 304 applications falling under those use cases – spanning 7 verticals from social impact to security to education to finance. Use cases and applications were included through a rigorous research process and applying a strict methodology, as detailed further on the website.

This database – being totally open and transparent – allows anyone, anywhere, at any time to understand the value proposition for blockchains.  The site gives a tangible view into the development of this technology and the benefits it has brought, from users engaging in social networking without having to relinquish their content or data, creators displaying and selling their works in a borderless way, and raising funds to support relief efforts for countries under attack or who have endured a natural disaster.

By highlighting the value inherent in blockchain technology, we hope to encourage policymakers, regulators and society at large to learn more about the technology, to build out sound regulations, and show users that this technology can positively impact their lives.

This database is only as good as the community makes it. We invite and encourage everyone to continue to send in interesting and promising applications. We also plan to include a “testimonials” section of the site, which will highlight videos or written accounts of how blockchain tech has positively impacted your life.  Please email us or fill out this form to let us know your story or about additional applications that you’d like to see included.

Visitors to the website who select and share their favorite use case on Twitter will be whitelisted to mint a free NFT on All proceeds from secondary sales will be donated to the DeFi Education Fund, a nonpartisan research and advocacy group working to explain the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi), achieve regulatory clarity for the future of the global digital economy and help realize the transformative potential of DeFi for everyone.

There’s so much already happening in the space, and much more to come. This is your index for present and future use cases.

We must express our immense gratitude to all of those who have submitted use cases and applications, and those who contributed time, ideas and efforts to bring The Value Prop to life!

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Together, we can build an equitable future for all through the mass adoption of Web3!

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