LFG With Village Wonders: Three-Month Pre-Acceleration Cohort by Polygon DAO

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July 26, 2022
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Note: Polygon Village was completely revamped in November 2023. Read about the relaunched Polygon Village 2.0, here.

Polygon DAO is excited to announce the launch of Village Wonders, a first-of-its-kind initiative that will provide dedicated expansion strategy, mentorship and funding opportunities to Web3 projects building on Polygon. 

During this three-month cohort, 12 selected projects across DeFi, DAO/tooling, NFT/gaming, metaverse, infrastructure, sustainability, and public utility will receive:

  • Mentorship & office hours with Polygon core teams and industry experts;
  • $40,000 investment in return for 1.5% of equity or tokens;
  • Demo Day with top VCs, Polygon Ventures and other investors;
  • Up to $70,000 in vouchers from Tier-1 partners for development, audit, marketing, etc;
  • Recognition, ecosystem connections, marketing and community building support.

Polygon's business development, product, and technology teams will hold one-on-one meetings with each selected project to discuss ecosystem-wide product and technology developments.

In addition to regular office hours, there will be multiple demo day practice sessions for fundraising, workshops and feedback sessions led by industry experts, and countless moments to learn and engage with your peers and Polygon ecosystem. The cohort culminates with the demo day, wherein the companies pitch their products to a  select group of investors, venture capitalists, and Polygon Ventures.

But that’s not all. Once a Wonder, always a Wonder. The alumni will have:

  • Opportunity to partner with Polygon Village and offer services to thousands of other dApps building on Polygon (alongside Tier-1 projects);
  • Mentorship, office hours and ecosystem connects;
  • Talent hiring and feedback sessions;
  • Exclusive access to alumni networks, news and future Wonders events.

The first cohort of the Village Wonders starts on Sept. 1 with a demo day scheduled for the first week of December. The deadline for submission is Aug. 12. Apply here to be among the 12 selected projects.

Polygon DAO launched Polygon Village in April as a full-stack ecosystem for developers to build and grow, offering developers and projects building on Polygon access to key services ranging from grants, hosting, audit services, infrastructure & API related services, talent discovery, and much more. 

You can learn more about Polygon Village on its website, follow it on Twitter, or reach out on Discord and Telegram. Stay up to date on the latest from Polygon’s ecosystem on our blog.

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