Liverpool F.C. Launches LFC Heroes Club NFT Collection on Polygon

Polygon Labs
March 30, 2022
Image source: Dribbble

Liverpool Football Club is jumping into the NFT game with the launch of the LFC Heroes Club collection on Polygon.

The Reds are launching two categories of digital collectibles: Legendary and Hero Edition. The Legendary is a set of unique one-of-one NFTs featuring 24 of LFC men's team players and will be up for grabs via an auction mechanism where the highest bidder will receive the NFT.

The Hero limited edition NFTs feature one LFC player or manager with distinct traits and will be priced at $75. The rarity of these traits will rank from common 'Match Mode', less common 'Fresh Mode', and rare 'Super Mode'. Buyers won't know which collectible they've received until it arrives in their wallet, keeping the reveal a complete mystery. 

Owning an NFT in this collection will hook fans up with exclusive access to an LFC community forum, holders-only experiences, virtual hang-outs, competitions, LFC merch discounts, etc. Proceeds from the sale will go towards the LFC Foundation, a charity organization working to make a change and deliver long-term change for communities. 

Both 'Legendary' and 'Hero Edition' collectibles will be available during a three-day sale from March 30 (Wed) to April 1 (Fri). The sale and auction will take place on the Sotheby's Metaverse NFT marketplace.

Join the LFC Heroes Club today and keep up with the blog for the latest on the Polygon ecosystem!

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