Outlier Ventures and Polygon Announce Second Accelerator Program To Support Next-Gen Web3 Applications

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May 13, 2022
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After the resounding success of their first Base Camp accelerator program, Outlier Ventures and Polygon have joined forces again to launch another initiative to fund, scale, and grow promising Web3 startups. 

The Polygon x Base Camp Accelerator is now open for applications, with selections for the first cohort closing on 19th June 2022. The program is designed to help startups refine and shape their business strategies, optimize their target product-market fit, enhance community growth, and define tokenomics development over five months. 

This year’s basecamp will focus on startups transitioning from Web2.0 to Web3.0 with a strong emphasis on user experience and NFT projects with embedded utility; interoperable gaming engines; play-to-earn platforms; next-generation multi-chain DeFi protocols; cross-chain solutions, and MetaFi applications.

The accelerator also emphasizes projects bridging the gap between the centralized finance/real-world assets and DeFi (including DAO tooling, DAO innovation, smart contracts, cross-chain functionality, and Ethereum scaling solutions such as zk rollups). Other key aspects of Base Camp v2.0 include consideration for environmentally friendly solutions and ESG Web3 adaptations, wallet functionality & onramp/offramp innovations, identity management & privacy solutions, and data management & analytics overlays. 

Successful applicants will receive access to a global network of leading Web3 builders, mentors, and investors; opportunities to form strategic partnerships with companies in the Outlier network; tailored content and advice from technical experts; and the chance to speed pitch to over 30 mentors. From a funding standpoint, at the onset of the program, participating teams will receive an investment of $125,000, which can then be followed by an additional $250,000, if required.

Outlier Ventures comprises founders, investors, and experts in Web3 dedicated to incubating blockchain businesses. The company has assisted nearly 100 teams in raising over $130 million worldwide. Outlier Ventures’ fast-growing network consists of various established Web3 players, including Polkadot, Filecoin, and Hedera Base Camp.

Polygon is designed to help projects find a scalability-oriented development bedrock and provide users with a transaction-friendly environment where gas fees are minimal. Polygon already hosts more than 19,000 decentralized applications and has processed over 1.6 billion transactions. Working together, both Polygon and Outlier Ventures are poised to elevate the future of Web3.

To learn more about the Polygon Base Camp, visit: https://outlierventures.io/base-camp/

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