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Partisia Brings Unified Smart Contracts to Polygon To Advance Web3 Privacy

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Aug 24, 2022
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The Partisia Blockchain Foundation, an independent non-profit supporting the development of the world’s ultimate zero-knowledge blockchain, has completed integrating its Mainnet v3.0 with Polygon’s network. 

This integration unlocks Partisia’s privacy-preserving computation infrastructure by leveraging a new type of unified public/private smart contract. This allows Polygon developers to build services for use cases that require data confidentiality and privacy while still requiring a public blockchain.

The siloing of public and private smart contracts has stifled the expansion of blockchain applications. Public — or visible — smart contracts provide weaker privacy, posing a problem for use cases that require maintaining discreet health or financial records. Meanwhile, private smart contracts protect against outside interference or malicious activity but cannot be easily audited or verified by third parties.

To overcome this issue, Partisia Blockchain has leveraged privacy technologies, including zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation (MPC), to combine private and public contracts into a single, unified contract. 

Zero-knowledge proofs excel in offering security, yet they are not without disadvantages. Not only do they require significant resources to compute, but they’re unable to facilitate multi-user interactions. These issues are alleviated by coupling with MPC — unlocking multi-user interactions while guaranteeing data privacy and security with zero-knowledge proofs.

Unified smart contracts can unlock a plethora of new use cases, including decentralized search engines; the management of private documents and contents, particularly in healthcare and trade finance; private auctions; decentralized social networks, and more. 

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