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PayBolt Makes Polygon-Based Tokens Accessible to Merchants

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Apr 14, 2022
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PayBolt, a web3 multi-chain payment gateway, is deploying on Polygon to allow merchants to accept Polygon-based tokens, including $MATIC, $USDT, $UDSC, $DAI, and $QUICK. 

PayBolt is building a future where crypto is the preferred payment of choice that powers commerce. Its crypto-to-fiat payment system already supports over 150 fiat currencies and the team is working on onboarding merchants around the world. Polygon is helping to make that happen with a network that offers fast transactions and ultra-low fees. 

There is a number of benefits for businesses to accept crypto payments using PayBolt, including: 

  • Lower transaction fees -- 0.5% Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) instead of the usual 2-5% traditional fiat processors charge;
  • Increased security -- no chargebacks or credit card fraud.
  • Near-instant settlement -- real-time processing that doesn’t require a bank.

PayBolt’s native token, $PAY, fuels the payment ecosystem by rewarding their crypto app users to spend crypto. Depending on the user’s reward tier, the more they use PayBolt and pay in crypto, the more they earn.

PayBolt also has a reseller program that rewards resellers/referring business owners with 20% of the 0.5% MDR transacted by the referred merchant monthly, providing a passive income scheme to the resellers.

Head over to PayBolt to register and tune into our blog for the latest on the Polygon ecosystem!

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