PLAY! POP! GO! Lifestyle Omniverse Coming to Polygon

Polygon Labs
March 3, 2023
Image source: Dribbble

PLAY! POP! GO! lifestyle omniverse is bringing its gamified approach to luxury streetwear, fine art and digital experiences to the Polygon network.

Created by visual artist Amber Park, PLAY! POP! GO! is a direct-to-consumer art, fashion, and lifestyle platform that innovates brand loyalty by bridging the digital-realworld divide. The integration with the Polygon network will result in two offerings: a “digital twin” to accompany their physical clothing capsules and an immersive gaming experience PLAY3 PARK. The PLAY3 experience is built in partnership with Clique

Users will be able claim digital twin NFTs for purchases of physical items. They will also earn soul-bound tokens (SBTs) and NFTs for engagement with the brand on social media, by purchasing items from the physical collections, or unlocking achievements within the minigames of the PLAY3 PARK universe, and more. All these various on-chain rewards will add up to a complete, transparent, and interoperable brand loyalty experience available to all users. 

PLAY3 PARK, is a multi-hyphenate fantasy community building experience that integrates and brings to life physical/digital collectibles, streaming, live chatting, online shopping, gaming, and world building. In the style of other social gaming (think Animal Crossing and Pokemon Go), PLAY3 foregrounds interactivity for luxury brands by harnessing blockchain to create an interoperable, immersive and easy user experience that is both engaging and rewarding for fans.

PLAY! POP! GO! is joining tens of thousands of decentralized apps already building on the Polygon network to take advantage of its low fees, fast transaction speeds and a vanishingly small carbon footprint. The Polygon ecosystem is home to some of Web3’s biggest projects, from Aava and Uniswap v3 to OpenSea and Magic Eden, as well as major global companies like Adobe, Stripe and Robinhood.

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