Polygon and SPORTFIVE Bring Sports Rights-Holders, Brands to Web3

Polygon Labs
October 11, 2022
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SPORTFIVE, a full-service sports and entertainment agency, is teaming up with Polygon to bring the transformative power of blockchains to the world of sports.

Polygon and SPORTFIVE aim to enable end-to-end growth strategies for sports rights-holders and brands across a range of Web3 initiatives, including Metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. That includes efforts to educate, design, build, operate, and market all-encompassing and engaging Web3 experiences so that brands and premium rights-holders in the sports and entertainment ecosystem can more readily take advantage of the benefits offered by blockchain technology.

"The Polygon network is one of the most successful technologies that is driving innovation and adoption in the Ethereum universe," said Robert Müller von Vultejus, Chief Growth Officer at SPORTFIVE. "This is exactly the kind of vision we were looking for in a partner who could bring us the expertise we were seeking in terms of Web3."

In addition to managing the strategy, product, and community development for Web3 projects, SPORTFIVE can tap into Polygon's global network and partnerships, technological and infrastructure expertise, and innovative insights from across the ecosystem.

Antoni Martin, Polygon Enterprise Lead, said: “SPORTFIVE’s presence in the Web3 space gives Polygon strategic connections to major sports brands and IP, enabling boundless opportunities for unique and powerful collaborations. We’re eager to accelerate the entry of sports brands and rights holders to the Web3 space with our blockchain solutions, and we look forward to working closely with SPORTFIVE going forward.”

Polygon is already home to tens of thousands of dApps, including some of the most prominent Web3 names such as Aave, OpenSea, The Sandbox, and Uniswap V3. With Ethereum's recent switch to Proof of Stake, Polygon's carbon-neutral network has become even more sustainable, attracting brands like Adobe,, eBay, Nothing, Reddit, Robinhood, Stripe, and Telefonica as early adopters in the Web3 ecosystem.

"We are very pleased to partner with Polygon to further support the commercial development of our Web3 projects," said Stefan Felsing, CEO of SPORTFIVE. "Together with Polygon, we will find innovative solutions and ensure that the business continues to move upwards."

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