Polygon-Axelar Partnership to Expand Interoperability of Polygon Supernets

Polygon Labs
October 26, 2022
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Polygon has teamed up with Axelar network, a secure communication layer that connects Web3 ecosystems, to enhance secure cross-chain communications of Polygon Supernets.

Polygon Supernets technology allows for the creation of application-specific, scalable, and customizable blockchain networks. Axelar, one of our early adopters, will allow dApp users to securely transfer assets to and from Supernets and other connected chains in one click.

"Supernet chains offer fast user experience with significantly lower gas fees in comparison to other existing L1s and L2s," said Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder of Axelar. "As a result of the partnership, users can easily move and use their currencies and NFTs across multiple Supernet chains, opening them up to the possibilities of a multichain Web3 ecosystem."

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Polygon Supernets are powered by Polygon Edge, a customizable blockchain stack for building networks fine-tuned to specific needs without compromising security and performance. In combination with Axelar, Edge is positioned to become the core infrastructure for an interoperable internet of dedicated EVM blockchains.

Axelar to Web3 is what Stripe is for mobile and internet applications. It enables an interconnected web of Supernets that enables developers to build dApps on Polygon Edge with access to liquidity and functionality across Web3. 

To ensure a smooth onboarding experience, Axelar provides the following support to developers: 

  • Polygon Supernets will get their native gas tokens seamlessly – in one click from the user's wallet on Ethereum or Polygon.
  • Axelar's SDK will enable Supernet dApps to generate one-time deposit addresses – the same chain-agnostic onboarding as offered by centralized exchanges.
  • Easy liquidity pathways between Supernets. There is no need for each Supernet to have its own DEX.
  • Each Supernet can integrate with Axelar in a matter of days. Once integrated, dApps easily communicate with all connected chains via simple API requests.

If you are a new developer, you can get started here to leverage the best of Ethereum's security and Polygon's speed, low-gas fees, and the carbon-negativity of our scaling solutions.

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