Polygon Helps Launch BLR-Metaport, World's First Airport Metaverse

Polygon Labs
December 13, 2022
Image source: Dribbble

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) recently launched the first phase of BLR Metaport, the world's first metaverse experience for an airport, in collaboration with AWS, Intel and Polygon. 

The BLR Metaport, a product of the Joint Innovation Center (JIC), will introduce travelers, enterprises, and the community to an immersive 3D virtual experience of Bangalore Airport's newly launched Terminal 2 via both wearable VR headsets and popular web browsers. JIC was set up by BIAL earlier this year with AWS, Intel and Polygon to drive the development and adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions in aviation. 

The metaverse experience opens up new and engaging ways of interaction for airport users, from flight check-in and terminal navigation to shopping and social aspects like connecting with fellow passengers. Flyers can already explore photo-realistic spaces including an art gallery and a meeting room and there is a great potential to extend the experience to learning, gaming, entertainment, and skill development.

Built on AWS Cloud, the BLR Metaport uses Polygon's blockchain technology to power a digital economy that allows users to trade virtual assets seamlessly. These digital assets could be leading artists in the art gallery, ‘certificates’ that are given for completing various industry-related training courses, ‘collectibles’, ‘utility’ and ‘commemorative NFTs’. In the future, BLR Metaport will let users shop with their favorite brands from around the world.

"Polygon is leading the blockchain innovation which will drive the digital economy that every individual can access worldwide," said Polygon APAC head Arpit Sharma. "Metaport is one such example of how big enterprises can partner and innovate to bring blockchain solutions to the masses." 

Polygon has emerged as the go-to hub for big and small enterprises to enter and thrive in the Web3 space. The network's lightning-fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs and vanishingly-small carbon footprint have attracted tens of thousands of decentralized apps, including Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, and global companies like Robinhood, Adobe, and Stripe. 

Visit the Bengaluru Airport on Metaverse and experience the exciting new world first-hand. Check out the Polygon blog and tune into our social channels for all the latest updates from the ecosystem. 

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