Polygon ID Release 4: New Tools, Seamless Integration

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July 20, 2023
Polygon Solutions
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Today, researchers at Polygon Labs are excited to announce Polygon ID Release 4, featuring new tools to facilitate seamless integration of Polygon ID modules into developer projects. 

Release 4 brings significant technical upgrades and improvements to developer experience. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

New Tooling

New tooling means better experience, with a dev-first emphasis on practical integrations. Here’s a run down.

Explore Schema Builder

With this new tool, developers can create and manage credentials seamlessly, leveraging a user-friendly interface. The schema builder helps developers define credential schemas, opening up the ability to make schemas as public goods, contributing to standardization and ecosystem interoperability. 

Schemas built with this tool can be published to InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which means the schemas created are immutable, reliable, and trusted by all issuers in the ecosystem. This crucial step towards interoperability ensures that credentials are standardized across issuers, fostering a more cohesive credential ecosystem. 

Explore Query Builder

Release 4 of Polygon ID introduces an enhanced query builder, designed to create dynamic queries that can be answered with zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. 

Query builder eliminates the need for developers to have in-depth knowledge of query languages, such as the ZKQuery language, and instead helps developers seamlessly create the queries required by their project.

These queries unlock customized authentication requirements, from verifying credential ID ownership to checking the validity of a schema, and more. Take a peek at the new interface to see what’s possible. 

Upgrades of Note

Some highlights:

  • Improvements in the Issuer Node: From IPFS support for schemas to an improved UI, all new features and minor changes can be viewed here.
  • Coming soon: native support for iOS for the Wallet SDK (in addition to the Flutter and Android SDKs).

It is strongly encouraged that all developers upgrade to the latest version of the Verifier SDK, Wallet SDK, and Issuer Node. Doing so means developers have access to the latest upgrades.

On-Chain Credentialing and Verification (Beta)

Research is underway about the possibility of on-chain verification and issuing on-chain credentials. 

An on-chain issuer leverages smart contract power to issue credentials in a decentralized process. So unlike traditional issuers, credential logic and data are stored on a blockchain (unless specifically made private), which means they are transparent and auditable. 

The design space for new public and private use cases is blown wide open with these bleeding-edge areas of research. Learn more here

New Version of JS-SDK (Beta, and Not Backward Compatible)

The JS-SDK are Java Script Libraries to create client applications as browser extensions. These allow users to issue credentials about themselves, store credentials and a key, and generate proofs of credentials. 

In other words, this is like having an issuer, a wallet, and a verifier all included in the same JS toolbox! Remember that this new release of the Beta JS-SDK is not backwards-compatible. 

Developers Portal

A new Developers Portal will launch soon, with improved guides for Polygon ID. This is part of a commitment to constantly keep up-to-date technical documentation, knowledge databases, and support for developers building dApps. 

Release 4 is the next step in Polygon ID, but not the last.

Polygon ID has become a huge ecosystem, facilitating a wide range of innovative endeavors. A bevy of new projects have begun using the Polygon ID tools, including issuers, wallets, verifiers, system integrators, and trusted networks. 

Interested in learning more about what Polygon ID can do for your project? Reach out to the team here, or explore all the technical docs

Tune into the Polygon Labs Blog and our social channels to keep up with updates about the Polygon ecosystem.

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