Polygon Joins Game7 for $100 Million Grants Program

Polygon Labs
December 14, 2022
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Polygon companies are joining Game7, a Web3 Gaming DAO with a treasury managed by the community, as a collaborator in its $100 million grants program focused on building better, sustainable and open-source games. 

The Game7 Grants Program is a chain-agnostic initiative pledging $100 million in total over the next 5 years to teams solving challenges with game development tooling, smart contracts, core infrastructure, and community tooling. Projects that are already building on the Polygon network will receive additional technical and developmental support from Polygon companies’  expert team of devs, while Game7 will lead due diligence and financing.

"In the coming years, Web3 gaming will be a major adoption vector for blockchain technology, which is the core mission for Polygon,” said Urvit Goel, VP of Global Games and Platform Business Development at Polygon. “These grants will act like a catalyst for creation of the important infrastructure, exploration of new community models and unique play mechanics that will pave the way for the next billion gamers coming to Web3."

Anyone is welcome to apply for a grant, including individual builders, DAOs and traditional companies. The grant amounts will vary depending on the project's scope, maturity level and ambition. Payments are milestone-based and will be made in USDC. You can apply for a Game7 grant right now!  

The resources will be distributed across cutting-edge projects focusing on open-source technologies, events, education, research, and diversity. Grant recipients will also gain access to a vibrant gaming community, tech support, mentoring, and early access to Game7 initiatives.

The grants program is building on a history of collaboration between Game7 and Polygon companies. That includes interviews and introductions to game developers for Game7’s annual Game Developer Report and participation in Gam3r Forum, an annual event tackling the most pressing issues in Web3 gaming.

“'By working closely with our ecosystem partners, we aim not only to better understand the dynamic challenges of the blockchain gaming space today, but to also offer best-in-class support to our community as they innovate using open-source technology,” said Game7 core contributor George Isichos.

The Polygon POS network’s low fees, high transaction speeds and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine have attracted tens of thousands of decentralized apps. The Polygon ecosystem is also home to some of the biggest blockchain gaming projects and publishers, including Ubisoft, Atari, Animoca, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox.

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