Polygon Partners With Virtua to Build a Sustainable NFT Ecosystem

Polygon Labs
October 11, 2022
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Virtua has partnered with Polygon to provide users of their NFT ecosystem with dramatically reduced fees, increased speeds, and minimal environmental impact. 

An industry-leading NFT ecosystem and gaming metaverse platform, Virtua provides a space for artists, games, movies, and brands to create their own fully immersive digital experiences for fans through 3D NFTs with tangible utility. Users showcase and interact with animated collectibles in Virtua’s VR showrooms, all designed to function within the larger and interoperable Virtua Metaverse. 

With plans for continued expansion, Virtua turned to Polygon for scalable and green solutions, while benefiting from the security of Ethereum. The environmental cost of NFTs was a major concern for Virtua, and for good reason.

Before Ethereum’s move to proof of stake, minting an NFT on Ethereum produced roughly 150kg of C02, the equivalent of watching 4,320 hours of Netflix; minting on Polygon resulted in just .4g of C02, the equivalent of watching Netflix for only 40 seconds.

The Merge further reduced Polygon’s carbon emissions by 99.91%, putting Polygon one step closer to the 2022 carbon negative goal. 

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Ethereum made major advancements in sustainability thanks to the merge, but it still relies on Layer 2 solutions like Polygon to provide scalability, low gas fees, and fast transactions that platforms like Virtua need.

Now, Virtua’s users can engage with Virtua’s NFT ecosystem, guilt-free. They’ll eventually be able to tap into all the benefits of Polygon’s latest zkEVM technology, ensuring even faster transactions, minimal gas fees, and increased security. 

The low-cost to minting NFTs, as well as the carbon negative commitment by Polygon, is already driving interest by partners in Virtua's ecosystem, including Legendary, Dynamite Entertainment, Williams Racing, and the Hero ISL.

Learn more about Virtua and tune into the Polygon blog for the latest from our ecosystem.

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