Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM: New Testnets for Polygon Protocols

Goerli-anchored testnets for Polygon protocols are being deprecated in the coming months. These are the Sepolia testnets replacing them.

Polygon Labs
February 29, 2024
Polygon Solutions
Image source: Dribbble

Going forward, testing the latest upgrades for Polygon protocols will occur exclusively on the new, Sepolia-anchored testnets for Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM: Amoy and Cardona. Infra and dApp devs are encouraged to use these testnets going forward. 

Amoy and Cardona will provide the safest, most stable environment for testing dApps, smart contracts, and other functionality. 

This change is in keeping with the Ethereum Foundation’s decision to discontinue support of Goerli, the network’s first multi-client testnet. According to EF, support for Goerli will end a month after the Dencun upgrade is activated on mainnet. Deprecation of the Goerli-anchored testnets for Polygon protocols will follow. 

Here is the network information for Amoy and Cardona. Testnet funds can be claimed via the Polygon faucet.  

Polygon PoS: Amoy 

Polygon zkEVM: Cardona

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