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Polygon PoS in Numbers

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Sep 16, 2021
Polygon Analytics
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Part 1: Polygon PoS engagement growth

Polygon PoS set an all-time high for daily active users (DAUs) for the second consecutive week.

Last week we saw an explosive week over week (w-o-w) growth of 16.64%. This week, Polygon PoS’ growth increased by 0.73%, bringing DAU to 177,300 active addresses per day.

To contextualize this user growth, we compare Polygon’s users to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

For the third consecutive week, Polygon saw users over 30% of Ethereum (34.44%).

Relative to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon PoS crossed 20% (20.82%), the first time since mid-July.

Transactions per day saw a healthy 9.22% week over week increase. This is the fifth consecutive week of transaction growth. Though still shy of previous all-time highs, Polygon PoS now has over 6.645mm average transactions per day.

As before, we can see how this compares to other chains.

Polygon is currently processing 5.4x that of Ethereum and 1.2x that of Binance Smart Chain.

Polygon continues to see very high new user growth. This week broke the beginnings of a trend in smaller cohort sizes, posting a considerable 59.8% week-over-week growth.

195,496 new users experienced Polygon PoS for the first time this week
, up from last week’s 122,350 new users, marking the third-largest cohort in Polygon’s history.

Finally, we see that retention remains elevated relative to the past few weeks. That said, historically, retention rates remain low, with the most recent cohorts remaining in the bottom quantile.

Part 2: Polygon PoS monetization growth

Next, we look at monetization.

Polygon PoS posted a new all-time in network revenues, nearly doubling week over week.

The increase was driven by both increased transactions as well as an increase in gas cost.

Daily network revenues averaged $52,649 a day in USD terms, an increase of 90.30%.


This week Polygon saw some incredible developments. Two gaming tokens entered the top 10 most traded tokens on Polygon ($GALA and $MANA), alongside several new gaming partnerships, including @ForestKnight_io,  @ArcadeNetwork_, and @MixMarvelGame.

But the real story this week is the announcement of Polygon Nightfall. Polygon Nightfall is a privacy-focused roll-up built with enterprise needs in mind, developed alongside EY.

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